Did you know that Fuel is in the record books?
It boasts tha largest ever gameworld spanning 14,000 square KM.
It’s not just big,not even huge,it’s colossal in size.

It’s that vast land that plays home to Fuel,a post apocyliptic racer that allows you to take bikes,quads,cars and trucks and speed over hills,roads and massive gully’s.
There is actually a back story to Fuels massive world, but it’s simplistic to say the least.
But racers don’t really need stories to back them up and Fuels tale of a burned and destroyed earth sets the scene for a huge world thats just ripe for a bunch of petrol-heads.

It’s Fuels massive open world that is ultimately it’s downfall,14,000 Square KM is just far too big and your average player will barely see a tenth of this huge expanse over the course of the game,making it rather pointless.
In this giant world there are camps which give you races,basic enough in concept and does help you explore the land.
There is of course a fast travel system in case the long drives are not your thing.
Sadly the game world,while technically impressive,does lack in any real substance.
There are your standard hills,lakes and ravines to contend with but there’s not really much in the world which makes driving place to place a dull affair after a while as you just go in a straight line.

Thankfully Fuels racing is an action packed affair that almost has a Burnout feel to it’s gameplay as you hurtle round corners on bikes or smash into opponents with a huge truck.
As you beat the races you earn stars which in turn unlock more race’s,it’s not original but it works.
You earn cash for each race to buy better rides and gear for your character,it’s all simple racing stuff thats very familiar but done well.
Each vehicle is better at certain things,such as off-roading and on road and this add’s a nice element to the game as a road car handles terribly on the dirt and vice verse,making selecting a vehicle on a mixed track a very important choice.

Fuels races are open world affairs where you can choose your route to the next checkpoint in the series.
There’s also a good variety of race types such as tailing a Helicopter to find the landing site and then make a mad dash to beat it there.

The handling is purely arcade and is fun to drive,though terrian does not make as much diffrence as it should.
Riding on rough ground feels smooth and does not affect cornering much which gives the vehicles a slighly light feeling in the gameworld,like there not actually touching the ground.
The game also boasts a beautiful weather system which can kick up some major storms,but once again this has little affect on races ruining a great opporuntiy to provide the game with a great selling point.
Fuel also boasts a day/nigh cycle but it’s there that it’s biggest flaw comes into play.
Once night descends the game becomes almost unplayable as the darkenss is so thick and the lights on the vehicles so terrib that it’s almost impossible to drive in a straigh line,let along take part in a race.
I often found myself parking up and waiting out the night and as you may guess that really ruins the games atmosphere.

Fuel may not be groundbreaking and it may not be the greatest racer in history,but it’s still a solid and highly enjoyable racer and a great technical feat,though I was left with the feeling that the entire game was simply created to get in the record books.


Graphics:  82%
Fuels vast world looks pretty enough though a little bland and the vehicle designs are interesting.

Gameplay: 85%
Solid handling and fun vehicles with an open world make for some great racing.

Lifespan 83%
A sizable chunk of races will keep you playing.

Overall:  82%
A fun racer that never manages to live up to it’s massive potential,but still worth your time.

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