Devastator Tomo-Interview


Hey Tomo,how are you?
Well earlier I was cold due to being outside in the snow, but now I am nice and warm sat in my living room watching Transformers 2 well filling out your interview.

Are you willing to tell us your first name?

This may come as a real shock but my real name is Thomas. but people normaly call me Tom or Tomo. Only Thomas if I have done something wrong.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Im 28 manufacturing manager who is married to my wonderful wife who is a Rugby and Xbox widow. We have a dogue de bordeaux who thinks he is a child. I enjoy playing on the Xbox, playing rugby, cars, spending time with my family and friends.

I have managed to play rugby for my county since the age of 16 at club level and managed to play for my city in the development side in my younger days, sadly never made it pro but came close and have had my little chunk of fame even if it is limited to my city.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

You know what, not alot this year, for me 2009 took the glory for games I wanted, Batman, MW2, Forza 3, UFC, Assassins Creed 2.
I think I may give Halo Reach a wirl, the normal Fifa and Tigerwoods upgrades / same as last year edition.

If Batman 2 could see its way to come out next year that would have to be the one game for me next year.

There’s alot of game Pirates out there, whats your thoughts on them?

My thoughts on them ……  Well they are scum, call me sad or what you may but im one of these people who only likes to buy orginal goods, no fakes or copies what so ever, be it clothes, DVD, games etc.
When these people are caught they should throw the book at them, and then make them walk the plank, because they are pirates or make them walk through a very long room of gamers, developers and store owners armed with planks.

Whats the best game ever and why?

Best game ever?? difficult but I would have to go with Mario Kart, simple but yet so fun where the hardend gamer and social gamer are on a levelish playing field, still a class game now with the added impact of the Wii to add more fun with the steering wheel, great party game.

Alot of gaming now aims towards “realistic” and “dark and mature” do you think this is a good thing or would you like games to go back to there more lighthearted ways?

Im 50/50 on this one, while I love the old Mario and Snoic days, I do like where the gaming industry is going with being more ”realistic” I think there needs to be a good balance as too much of one thing will become stale very quickly.

If your Xbox 360 suddenly sprouted legs and ran away,what would you do?
Run after it just to get the 250GB HDD off of it, if it wants to leave thats fine I have a spare upstairs that cant wait to be played on again.

Any thoughts on Natal?

At first I was one of the people on the forum who was against it full stop, but now im thinking I will wait till it comes out to pass full judgement because it could be a good replacment for the Wii so both me and the wife can play on the one console, rather than playing on the Wii if we want to play together, she is not much good with a controller bless her.

What do you see the future of gaming as?

Well from your previous question, I can see it going more realistic and dark for the controller user and alot more interactive for the social / casual user in a light hearted role playing games.

Can you recommend us an underrated game?

Sadly I cant as from my played games you can see I play mostly big name titles.

What was your Game of the Year for 2009?

I know people will be bored by this answer but it must be MW2, since playing COD 4, I have been hooked, this second edition has been great, the only down side is the sad glitchers and cheats but you get that with most games now adays.

Do you think gamers will ever just get along?

Sadly no, the world as a whole can not get on so there is not much chance of the gaming community getting along, im sure small bridges will be made by people but while one is being made another one will be being smashed down in a game lobby somewhere. 

Whats your thoughts on the community?
In general its not bad, there are a few bad apples like anywhere but on the whole its not a bad place, gets abit dull from time to time but such is life, I have come across a wide variety of people all with different opinions and thoughts on things, its the people who can have a disagreement in one thread and agree in the next which are the better people some others I have found hold grudges which is quite pointless.

I think the one person I would rate highly on the forums would be Deffensivejosh, he will always give you his honest opinion and stay true to himself and not buckle under pear pressure, also playing online with him I can say he is a top bloke and a good gamer who can hold his own and wont just back out because the going gets tough.

Any last words or thoughts?

Just one, I know people think im abit of a grumpy chap but im not really, its just because im quite direct and straight to the point, I have always said text is a poor form off comunication because it does not project any feelings, I have tried to use more Icons to help, not sure if it works or not but hay im never going to get on with everyone.

Thanks for your time!

And thank you for your time and interviewing me


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