Hi Sunridge,how are you?

Im feelin ok mate, a little bit cold, but who isn’t? iTz ‘The big Freeze’ afterall :O

Whats your first name?

El Harriano (Harry)

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Im a college student, basically an excuse to do *** all, i like to play cricket, football, tennis, table tennis sportwise, oh and xbox (i count that as a sport :p) Pretty average guy, lol.Thats about as much as im going into, i have some dark and scary secrets…lol

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Theres quite a few this year (compared to last year): Alan Wake, AvP, Dead Rising 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, BF Bad Company 2, Alpha Protocol, Metro 2033, Medal of Honour, Thats about it at the moment :).

Whats the best game ever and why?

On the 360, im going to have to say Gears of War 1, the gameplay and graphics are amazing even to this very day. The storyline is great, really set the bench mark for modern games. On every console, i would have to say GTA SA is very good aswell, the amount of stuff you can do is immence and the main character (CJ) is good, thug life homie.

And the worst?

Lost Planet and Two Worlds, and yes i have played it after all of the patches, still shocking…

What do you think if the Xbox community as a whole?

Im not going to lie, its pretty ***. Almost everytime i join a game, whether its on MW2, Gears 1/2 etc, there are people slagging other people off for no reason, it really grinds my gears :p The forum peeps seem pretty tight thoughYes [Y] Some more than others,lol

Whats your views on PS3 vs Xbox 360?

Xbox wins hands down….nah, i don’t really have a view on it. I’ve never really played on a PS3, only at a mates house. Although i was going to buy a PS3 console a year or so ago and the bloke who worked in the Gamestation shop said stay with the 360, its an overall better console, although has changed since then though

Have you ever tried to build a doomsday weapon from your Xbox 360?

I’ve drawn up plans, but nothings really come of it, i’ll leave that to x Blamy x and his crazy ideas.

How many games do you have at the moment?

27 all star games!

How many RROD’s have you had?

1, that was a few days ago, been fine since then though (apart from the loud beeping, it talks to me) :s

Ever used a game disc as a coaster for your cup of tea/coffee?

Nope, i look after all of my games, and i don’t drink tea or coffee :O

Can you suggest a truly underrated game on the Xbox 360 to our readers?

Can’t really think of any, actually Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway is a good game, haven’t heard many people talk about it, so is Test Drive Unlimited, both very old but equally awesome

Whats your thoughts on the future of gaming in general?

On the 360, i don’t like the sound of the NATAL thing.I remember the demo of it with the little kid that you interract with (atleast i think that was natal, if not im going to seem a lil bit strange), he doesn’t seem so innocent to me, just waiting for the main headline on the news ‘Gamers claim being pulled into the screen by the weird little NATAL kid’ …
Other than that gaming can only get better, technically and graphics wise.

What is the answer to life,the universe and everything? and no, you cannot say 42.

Me, i am the meaning of life, jesus, god and everything else all in one. Im like the BLT of the universe.

Whats your take on the Hardcore gamer vs Casual gamer debate?

I back both sides tbh, although i hate when games are dulled down to make it easier for the Casual gamers (noobs) hehe, take MW2 for example, i can see why they did it though.

If you could erase one game company completely from time,which one would it be and why?

None, can’t really think of any, saying that, who made Two Worlds…

Any last words or thoughts?

Not really, just hope my interview isn’t too boring to read, your’re doing a great job with the interview system thingy ma jiggy thoughYes [Y]

Thanks for your time!No problem mayne, i think i wrote more on this than i did with my GCSE English paper,haha.

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