Mass Effect 3- already confirmed

As most of you should know this month see’s the release of the first truly big name game of 2010, I am of course talking about Mass Effect 2, the sequel to best selling space saga Mass Effect.

It’s not often a game developer talks freely about future games but lately at CES, Bioware seemed more than happy to chat about Mass Effect 3 and have already confirmed that is has begun working on the game.
At CES Bioware told IGN

“We are already at work on Mass Effect 3,” said Hudson, “building the first bits of the story, putting that together [but] there will be great downloadable content throughout the time that Mass Effect 2 is out there while people are waiting for the third one. “

“You’ll always have great stuff. New adventures to play. New things to do. We don’t have anything specifically announced yet, but we basically plan for DLC pretty shortly after the release of the game and then a pretty intense schedule of downloadable content throughout.”

“This is one of the big improvements that we’ve been able to do for Mass Effect 2. Lots of DLC and lots of really high quality DLC that players can look forward to.”

“We always wanted to make sure that we got the entire trilogy of games done within this console’s life cycle. We didn’t want to take forever with it,” he said. “So we definitely want to make Mass Effect 3 a fairly short turnaround, but also being that it needs to be a tremendous and epic conclusion to the trilogy.

“I think the exciting thing in the final chapter of the series is going to be just seeing where everything goes that we started. With Mass Effect and now Mass Effect 2, you’ll see when you play it; all of these threads keep going. And not only that, all of the choices you’ve made too. You made choices in Mass Effect and you’ll see those in Mass Effect 2.”

“And it just cascades – people will see that by the time you finish Mass Effect 2, you’ll know that it’s your universe — everything is the way you set it out — and that all of these things get to come to fruition and some kind of ending in the final chapter.”

It took 2 years for Mass Effect 2 to be completed, so now we have to wonder if that is the timefram to expect for Mass Effect 2.
Still, it’s nice to know that Mass Effect 2 is going to be more heavily DLC supported unlike the failure of Mass Effect 1’s DLC.

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