Space Pirates from Tomorrow!

Anticipation is growing in the Xbox community for MStar Games latest masterpiece named Space Pirates from Tomorrow.
This space trading and combat sim has over 9,000 galaxies to explore and an almost endless amount of quests to undertake.

“All the hard work, sleepless nights, long days and hard choices have been for one thing and one thing only – to make a cracking good game. Gamers don’t care if a game is AAA, Live Arcade or whatever. A good game is a good game and we’re not here to make up the numbers or write junk pong clones or the usual dual-stick shooters you see too much of on the Indie Games channel. But gamers are realising that it’s not the channel that matters. It’s the individual games. Look at something like the excellent “Leave Home” – no-one cares it’s an indie game, it’s just a superb game. The new year is going to see more and more games which transcend the channel, and Space Pirates will be at the forefront of this wave of quality, polished games.”

WOW! I hear you shout, but wait, you have not heard the best part.
This is actually an Indie game and will retail at a mere 240MSP.
But why bother with an Indie game, after all they have been fairly dissapointing?

Well Space Pirates from Tomorrow is looking set to change that with around 2000 hours of gameplay time, no I did not mis-type that.

The idea of the game is simple, go around earning cash,killing aliens and staying alive.
You start off with 1000 Credits to your name, a ship, shields and hyperdrve and off you go into the wide galaxy.
Steal cargo,tak on missions, do races and dodge the law are just some of the things the game will allow players to do.

“We want to present something unique on the Indie Games channel for XBox LIVE! in every release, and for Space Pirates it’s simple – endless replay value and endless gameplay variation entirely driven by the gamer’s decisions without restriction. In terms of gameplay time, it would take more than 100 hours just to visit every star system in the game. Add in trading, missions, races and general free-for-all combat and the possibilities are endless. The basic mechanisms for this type of gameplay was achieved in the mid 1980s, and with the power and flexibility of the Xbox 360 gamers expect more. More action, more challenge, more playability. We think Space Pirates delivers on all these demands and more,” says DrMistry. “As Indie developers we have the freedom to take real risks, to put our faith in the intelligence of our customers and to try and match – and beat – any expectation they have in terms of gameplay. At 240 MS points, it offers more gameplay per buck than any AAA title you can think of.”

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  1. This isn’t even a game. Controls are impossible to use, non-intuitive….the graphics are horrible, music is ok…..It is not a 3D game !! It is a bad, very bad space game…the worst space game type. Your HUD is ugly, and the whole experience is awful and boring. I’m sorry to give such a bad review but this game is a waste of money and time….

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