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Another Gaming for Less review and today we are taking a look at Pure, which can be picked up for around £10.

Allow me to explain, you have Sim racers, then you have Arcade racers and then you have those games in between.
Well Pure is not just Arcade, it’s so far past Arcade it’s in a whole new catagory of its own.
Pure will capture your imagination when you hit its first true jump and you pull of a gravity defying trick that see’s the rider of your ATV (or quad as some know it) spinning in the air.
But thats not the truly stunning bit, it’s when you take your eyes off the rider and ATV and notice where you are, several hundred feet in the air staring a breathtaking vista of mountains and forests.
It’s a moment in gaming that you will not forget in a hurry.

There’s no story to Pure, you’re a rider thats out to get fame by becoming number one in the world.
This is done by taking on the Pure World Tour, a series of events where you compete in 3 diffrent disciplines.
Sprint races are incredibly tight and short tracks, demanding high grip and skill to win.
Freestyle events utilise the games insane trick system, tasking the player with scoring as many points as possible.
The Freestyle even is complicated by your fuel guage, this bar slowly drains as you race and only completing a lap will get some of it back which means not only do you have to be a trick king but you have to do it at speed as well so you can keep going as long as possible.
The final event is a simple Race which has longer tracks that combine some tight corners and insane jumps, demanding both trick and sprint style skills to win.

The trick system ties into the games boost system, while boost is hardly new in a game Pure takes a great approach to it.
You start off with doing basic tricks with the A button and pointing your directional stick in any direction, you can then increase tricks point score by “tweaking” it with the bumper buttons or trying to hold the trick as long as possible.
These tricks fill your Thrill bar and as the thrill bar increases you unlock the B and Y button tricks which pull off more impressive stunts and of course, gain you more boost.
But here’s the kicker, if you use some of your boost the bar will decrease and you will lose those Y tricks, then the B tricks etc.
This gives the system a unique strategic take as you navigate the games amazing multi-routed tracks.
Do you take the shorter but flatter route or take the slightly longer but jump heavy route to increase your boost?
You can also get Special tricks by maxing out your bar, but if you use your boost the special trick remains and if you pull it off it will refill your entire bare, but of course Special tricks are hard to pull.
This unique system gives Pure a strategic element as you decide whether to use your boost,save it or try to get those special tricks.

Pure’s handling is insanely Arcade as your ATV can slide around corners whle barely touching the brakes giving the races an insane fast feeling that constantly thrills.
Mix in the ability to construct your own ATV from scratch, choose your frame,engine,tires,handlebars, everything! 
It’s fantastic and allows you to put together a custom ATV that you love to ride!
But for those of you who don’t want learn how to build an ATV the game gives you a quick option, allowing you to press one button and the game will put together a Freestyle or racing ATV (depending what you choose) allowing the more relaxed player to gt straight into the action.

Pure’s track design is also fantastic with every track have multiple routes to choose from.
Mud throws you off course and tracks range in setting,from desert dunes to Ice and Jungles.
Every course is well thought out and makes for some great riding, though the track amount is fairly small.

Pure’s multiplayer is still going fairly strong and you can usually still get a game, with 16 players blasting around it’s a great online game.

The only real fault in the game is the Pure World Tour is unhappily short, weighing in at around 6-7 hours.
But after every race you unlock more parts,tricks and gear and keeps the player wanting to complete races to unlock the next sweet part to trick out there ATV with.

Pure is not realistic, nor does it pretend to be.
What it is, is Pure fun and arcade thrills to the max with some of the most fun racing I have ever played.
Jumps that span hundreds of feet and tricks that are physically impossible make Pure a game that will have you grinning from ear to ear.


Graphics: 83%
Beautiful vistas and bright looks,though the grainy effect can be irritating.

Gameplay 88%
Insane arcade racing with amazing track design and over the top action.

Lifespan: 80%
Very short single player but fantastic multiplayer,though the online community is now fairly small.

Overall: 88%
Pure is just fun, no other words can describe it.

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