Halo Reach details revealed

The latest issue of Gameinformer came with an in-depth look at Halo Reach.
There’s alot of garbage in the article as you might expect so here is the rundown on the more important points:

  • up to six times the amount of Spartans on field at any given time
  • Prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Will NOT follow the story set in the book, Fall of Reach
  • Large scales battles are the focus in reach, with Halo 3 capable of having up to 20 AI on the field at a time while Halo Reach will be capable of having 40 AI and 20 vehicles at a time
  • The darkest Halo storyline yet
  • More cinematic cutscenes,having almost a war journalism feel with up close shaky camera’s.
  • you play as Lone Wolf,who you can customise to a small extent, part of a 6 man Spartan team called Noble Team.
  • All members are Spartan III’s, except for Jorge who is a Spartan II, and as such is bigger than his team-mates.
  • Other members are: Emile239, Jun266,Carter259 and Kat 230.
  • Armour abilities will be replacing equipment.
  • 4 player co-op campaign mode, 2 player split-screen mode and 16 player deathmatch have been confirmed.
  • Covenent no longer speak english and are returning to there original, more fearsome look.
  • Elites are back, bigger and deadlier than ever.
  • A new enemy has been revealed, the “skirmisher” attacks in packs and out flanks players and captures positions.
  • players can now sprint, pull off assassination kills with a knife and use stealth.
  • civilian vehicles can now be driven.
  • New weapons are introduced,such as a Marksman style rifle which sits in between a sniper rifle and an assualt rife.
  • Needler Rifle will be in-game, a mid range weapon.
  • Flame and Spike grenades are gone with only Plasma and Frag grenades usuable.
  • Gun sounds are now going to be more realistic.
  • The health bar returns, which depletes after your shields go down.
  • Bungie talk about a huge leap in tech for the Halo series,allowing them to do more in the game.
  • Updated graphics from the rather poor Halo 3.

So ther you have it, that is all the important details for Halo Reach which looks like it could bring back a series that s in need of change.

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