Hey Kitty, how are you? 
I’m good thanks. I am eating masses of sugar today instead of food to see if it helps my Uni work. It’s not helping at all really but I’m loving the sugar!!!  
Since when could cat’s use Xbox 360’s? 
Cat’s have always been able to use Xbox’s. They go mad being stuck indoors otherwise. Their favourite game is Viva Pinata and they breed loads of Mousemallows  then start running head first into the TV trying to chase them.
Whats your first name? 
Everyone that wants to keep their limbs call me Katie or Kat. That’s a shocking reveal isn’t it! Bet you’d never have guessed it.
Tell us about yourself? 
I’m 21 and a student at Leeds Met. I’m studying Multimedia Technology and I finish this year! Can’t wait to finish but I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I just want to earn enough money to buy a Nissan Skyline. 
I love cars and like doing them up, I have always been “helping out” working on them since I was young with my Dad. 
What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010? 
This year I will be buying LEGO: Harry Potter, Pokemon Gold and Silver (DS re-release), Fable 3 and Final Fantasy. I totally love the LEGO games. 
I think only unhappy people/Lord Voldemort/Wario/Gordon Brown dislike them. As for Pokemon … well, I think it rules supreme above all games!!
Did you have a good New Year? 
Yes, I was round at my Best friends house drinking masses of wine and I discovered a lot about myself that night.  Like, I still know all the words to Steps, Five, S club 7 and B*witched songs. Even better though, I still know the dance routines!! Might have to add that to my C.V … 
Any thoughts on Natal? 
Natal is going to replace my friends. If that little kid that I can go fishing with is as good as he seems, he’ll be able to keep me company for hours! Other than that though … I didn’t really like my wii because I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to move around so much. I will be buying natal though. Just so I’m not left out. [:$] 
Good vs Evil, who will win? 
Good will win because I’m an optimist. I believe Chuck Norris and the Ultimate Showdown will also play a big part in it all.  
What do you think is the best moment in gaming history? 
Oh, crikey! Err rm…. I wouldn’t say it’s the biggest moment in everyone’s gaming history but I think when I managed to catch the Legendary Four on Pokemon was pretty epic. I may have even shown my mum what I managed to achieve. I don’t think she’ll have shared my enthusiasm though.
Alot of people feel the forums are over-modded, what do you think? 
Hahahaha, aren’t people ace. I don’t think it’s over-modded. I don’t care if my threads get locked in all honesty. It’s only a thread. If people could moderate themselves better we’d have no need for Moderators, Policemen or an Army. As it is we all like to Rick Roll each other in some way on forums or real life. 
I was once Rick Rolled in Sainsbury’s. True Story.
Do you think girl gamers have been under-represented in gaming? 
We have Jessica Chobot in the US representing GamerChix and she’s hot. Even I fancy her a little bit. I think we need more Girl Gamers like her representing us.
any advice for new Xbox owners? 
Get on Xbox LIVE pronto! It’s now the best way to discover new online friends since Myspace. I certainly don’t regret getting Xbox LIVE one bit.  
(NB – I’ve never had to pay my on subscription fee though so I lose nothing. I only gain.)
Whats your thoughts on the Xbox vs PS3 arguments? 
I don’t tend compare them ever. The consoles are very alike and very different in many ways. If I could afford both, I’d have both. I think most people would.   
Gaming snacks? 
I am a massive snack person. Only downside is my parents don’t buy any sort of snacks so I will often go to the co-op and buy Chicken Supernoodles, Coke and chocolate then just eat until I’m a sugary mess that’s getting hyper down the mic. 
Do you think storytelling in games can now rival books/films? 
I think it can! When I was playing Halo Wars I found the cut scenes brilliant. My Step-Dad isn’t a gamer at all and he sat down with me to watch the Cut Scenes in Theater mode from beginning to end and he said he was impressed by it too.  
As graphics improve, so too does the story telling in my opinion. That argument can be countered with the bitter story PONG tells. A fight between two sides against an unpredictable target. Heart stopping and yet, that game had lame graphics.
thanks for your time! 

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