Smoky Duck- Interview


Hi Smoky, how are you?

I’m dead.

 whats your first name?

Josh baby!

Tell us a little about yourself?

Well, by day i go to college, currently studying law, politics, english language and psychology and by night i’m a cross-dressing cage-fighter.
Nah lol. I support my not so local team, Leeds United, love going out – partying it up y’know? Basically hanging out with mates going wherever whenever, I love to chill listening to music and ofcourse sitting on my *** on my xbox.
Oh and errr………….I work at McDonalds. Please don’t laugh. And no, I’m not fat.
What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Hmmm, I’ve always been a Call of Duty fan, and this Vietnam-based one that is set to be released this year seems interesting, but I’ve kinda lost faith in Treyarch since WaW, but we’ll see.
Also, i think if Aliens vs. Predator gets good reviews, hopefully it will be joining my collection of games 🙂

What do you think of the whole Ps3 vs Xbox 360 argument?

Xbox 360 4 eva IDST

What do you think of Natal

I think it looks preeeeetty damn sweet. I really want to see is how they incorporate it with FPS. Hopefully if they try this, it’ll be a success and then people will be seeing me through my window playing a FPS on natal, looking like a complete d*** hehe 🙂

Have you ever walked into to find your Xbox 360 cheating on you?

Sadly yes, it was humping my brothers Nintendo DS

Do you think storytelling in games has become as good as films/books etc?

God yes. With books you can see jack s*** lol so what better than hearing people telling you the story whilst acting out instead of reading it eh?

What do you think of the Xbox community as a whole?

Basically I love it! When I got my 360 back in August 2007, up until the seriously crap update of incorporating ‘party chat’ it was brilliant. Playing CTF on CoD3 with almost everyone talking where the days. When we had ‘party chat’ I almost sold my 360; 90% of the time on my xbox I’m online and really the only thing that kept me online was hearing how IW were to disable certain game modes in MW2. The fact that NOBODY was talking was virtually depressing.
Now, online on MW2, it’s great. Back to the gold old days of UK vs. USA hehe.
Do you think games have become to easy to try and cater for the more casual gamers out there?

On certain platforms, I’d say yes – nintendo. Some of the games they come up with would make an MLG player throw-up.

If you’re a duck how can you play Xbox?

No comment.

Best game ever and why?

Call me a fan-boy, but I’ve got to say CoD4. I thoguht, and still do think it is amazing. When it came out, it was basically the way forward in video-gaming. I don’t know how or why, it just was lol.

Whats with the vast amount of “duck” based Gamertags going around at the moment?

Well I think the first “duck” tag I saw was A Sinister Duck, then I changed my tag to Smoky Duck (because Crispy Duck was taken lol). After that, people on my friends list, no joke, have changed their tag to A Smoky Duck and The Smoky Duck, what can I say? lol
Apart from that though, off the top of my head I can’t think of any other “duck” tags.

What do you see the future of gaming as?

I hope to see it like in the film ‘Gamer’. Not necessarily the part where you play actual peeople lol, but the way you move commands the way your player moves in the game.

Thanks for your time!

My pleasure
got any bread?

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