Got Sheep- Interview

Hi, how are you?

Hi, I’m great thank you very much.

You have sheep? whats that, some kind of wooly jumper disease?

I actually don’t know, but I have them.

First name?

Daniel, Well, it’s Richard, but I’m called by my middle name since I was a baby, since I reminded my mother about her late father who was also called Daniel.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Not-so-little fact, I’m 6″6 tall (and still growing), my birth weight was 9lb10. At this training course I went on before, the first day they ‘had to’ go over all Health & Safety rules. Going room from room I walked into the top of the door-frame, it didn’t get added to Health & Safety after that.

Ok we have to ask, how did you come up with your GamerTag?

I  was thinking of that great advert way back that made us all drink more milk “Got Milk?”

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Halo: Reach… seeing as I’m a massive Halo-head. Even though I’m a father I still collect Halo FIGURES. I keep having this discussion with the missus.. they’re collectable figures not toys.

Whats your thoughts in the PS3 vs 360 argument?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is they both achieve the same thing.. it mostly falls down to if you want a concave console or a convex.

Do you think gamers will ever get along?

Never. There’s some great community members here though, I just wish everyone would get on with everyone. I usually stay neutral in forum disagreements. When someone needs help though, there’s always a few who are first to help, they deserve to be Ambassadors.

Can you recommend an underrated game to play?

Too Human, it’s beyond nerdy, a wet dream if you give it a chance. Some of the dialogue is cheesy, but the loot system is one of the best I’ve seen on the 360.

According to many games the end of the world will come around via Zombie invasion, any advice in case this happens?

If the zombies run faster than you, run faster than your friends.

Whats the most frustrating game boss you have ever fought?

The Force Unleashed, have a guess what part.. hah.

Any thoughts on Natal?

Maybe in the future it’ll be nice if it actually becomes the ‘remote’ to watch TV. Why waste time and energy asking the missus to find the remote when you can ask her to wave her arms about. I don’t see how it will work if you’re watching sports though, if you jump up in excitement it’ll probably change the channel.

If we evolved from ape’s, why are there still ape’s?

If we have the Brickbox, why do we have the 360?

best gaming snacks?

Snacks? You mean beer, right?

Whats the longest play session you have ever done?

Over 48 hours, when GTA: Vice City came out, I spent the entire two days picking people up in taxi, killing people for a bit of wonga. Looking back, I don’t regret it at all.

Did you have a good New Year?

I stayed in, the missus was overdue at that point and could have popped. He ended up being born on the 13th January.

In games where you can be noughty or nice, which are you?

I just make decisions that I would, and more often than not, I’m a goody.

More games use a morality style system now than ever, do you think this is a good thing?

In a not-so-weird way, it actually tests your mental workings. I went looking for water at one point in Fallout 3 for the guy outside Megaton, realizing he needs more, I just left him. I do the same to every one of them.

Thanks for your time!

No, thank you, I enjoyed it

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