Hoaxs- Interview


Hey Hoaxs, how are you?

I’m under the weather at moment.

Are you, in fact, a Hoax?

I’m not a hoax, but i’m a selection of Hoaxes, that isn’t very good at spelling.

Whats your first name?


Tell us a little about yourself….

To sum myself in a nutshell; I’m a student, who needs a job. Posts far to much on forums when i could be gaming. I’m currently studying Maths and Art. And i hope to be the dictator of Earth someday.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

I’ve told myself not to get hyped for games this year. But there are a few i can’t wait for: Skate 3, Mass Effect 2 and BFBC2.

What did you think of 2009 in terms gaming?

Rather poor. There were lots of games released, but in my honest opinion none of them wowed me. I also felt alot of big released were purposely delayed, so they didn’t have to be released around MW2.
E309 show what gaming is going to become, even though i don’t like the idea.

and what did you think about 2009 in terms of general life?

I can only recall a few significant things that happened; Obama becoming President and MJ dying. I either have a terrible memory or i didn’t pay much attention to the news.

Any thoughts on Natal?

I’m sceptical, motion controlled gaming isn’t new. Last time the gaming companies tried it, it didn’t take off. I think it should be left a bit longer. Until i try the NATAL and it WOWs me, i’ll remain pessimistic towards it.

Are games becoming too easy?

Yes and no. I remember the days of the Playstation and Gamecube, where i’d buy a game and never finish it even though i would spend weeks playing it. Nowadays the developers seem to make 6 hour games and then add an unneeded multiplayer element.

But then, maybe its hard to come up with a story line that can be stretched out past 6 hours of gameplay, if you are developing a new game each year.

From films I have learned to never press the red button, yet my controller has a red button, should I push it?

I’ll choose Fallout 3 for an example here. If you didn’t press the red button up in Tinpennies tower (i hope i spelt that correctly) you wouldn’t have seen the greatest explosion in the game. If you don’t press the red button you might not see explosion, or you might just get your self killed because you didn’t duck fast enough.

Whats the best game ever and why?

Ah sweet gaming nostalgia. I’ll pick my top 3.
Gameboy: Pokémon Silver, i loved this game to bits. I remember loving to go on long car journeys as i would start a new save and by the time i came home from where ever i was going i’d have completed the game, including both islands!
PS2: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, i compeleted the game within 2 weeks and then spent a year just running riot around the streets. Spawning fighter jets, hover crafts and jet packs. It really is to this day, the best sandbox game every made.
Xbox 360: Call of Duty 4, the campaign alone made this my favourite xbox 360 game, i loved every bit of the campaign, it felt new to me. When it came to the last level on the bridge and i saw what happened, i nearly cried. (Real men do cry!) Then there was the multiplayer side to teh game. I’ve spent nearly 2 years playing the game online and love it every time i do.

and the worst?

Habbo Hotel; I spent along time “chatting” on this cash cow. I was young and very foolish; wasting my money buying virtual stuff for my habbos room. Ah well, the memories.
On the xbox, it would have to be between X-Blade and Kayne and Linch.

Gaming snacks?

If i can get my hands on Mountain Dew, it’s that. If not, Coca Cola.

What do you think of the Xbox communtiy as a whole?

Just the forums: There great, great people, interesting posts. Of course there are trolls and people who just prove the saying “Ignorance is Bliss” but if there wasn’t, this place would be very boring.
Xbox live is a mixture of great people and complete quantum singularity’s. But i’ve met some great people on there through COD4 and Halo 3. Just like any community, it has the good times, the bad times and the ugly people.

Games get alot of flak from the media, do you think it’s deserved?

90% of the time, the media’s coverage of a game ends up boosting the game sales. GTA always gets negative coverage, but it doesn’t harm the sales at all.
Half the time the reporters don’t even ask the gamers, they just jump the gun and ask the leading blah blah of this and that about what they think and have no experience with games.
Wait, i think i’m getting an urge to hijack a car and go run over some pedestrians.
I’m back, i earned 80 points for running over an old lady in a wheel chair.

whats your fondest gaming memory?

Waking up one Christmas and ripping open my presents to find Pokémon Red, the game that started my gaming hobby.

Thanks for your time!

No Problem, i just hope my attempts at being funny to make some people laugh and not just make me look foolish.

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