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Hi, how are you?

Great thanks.

Whats your first name?

Bruce wayne.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 19 and goto University for medical science

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

I’m looking forward to the new expansion to dragon age: Origins, and i’m also looking forward to Final fantasy XIII  and Halo:Reach
Time to get philosophical, what does gaming mean to you?

Do you see gaming as an art form?

Yep, and i am THE leonardo davinchi!

Do you think RROD is just Microsofts way of getting more money out of us?

Nah because they are fixing it (or atleast trying!)

What do you think of the community?

I think the community is a great little community who will always help.

Here’s your chance to give something back to them, name a few people on the Xbox.Com forums that you think are some of the most helpful/ funny or just all round good forum members?

You, for this obviously. 😀(Suck up)
Dynamic sausage, because his name is awesome.
Whagi, because he is always there to help.
all the forum members, because they always help

Do you read game reviews?

No, because most of them don’t rate it right, (im looking at you OXM!) for example they gave Halo ODST a good score but it wasn’t very good…

Do you think the Xbox’s are working with the mice to conduct secret experiments on us?

I have my suspicisions….

Have you ever managed to convert someone to gaming?

No, because it isn’t a religion….

Any thoughts on Natal?

Microsofts new con.

Hardest game ever and why?

None of them, because im so skilled.

Gaming snacks?

None of ’em! I play to game not to feed my face 😛

Whats the best music to play whilst gaming?

Nothing, i need to concentrate while playing.

games recieve a vast amount of trouble from the media, do you think this is fair?

Nah, they will be be putting it on the news but i bet they bought their kids an xbox360 mw2 super elite!

Tell us about an underrated game?

Halo wars, because its a Halo game everyone says its bad.

Do you think 2009 was a good year for gaming?

Yep, some great one’s Dragon age, borderlands, assassins creed 2 and halo wars are just a few!

What was the best year for gaming?

Hopefully 2010.

Any advice for the in-coming Zombie invasion that games keep warning us about?

Don’t have a AI teammate.

thanks for your time!

No problem wolf.

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