xxW0LFxx TFD- Interview

So todays interview is something a little different, instead of me interviewing a random member of the Xbox community, it’s a random member of the Xbox community interviewing ME.
Thats right, so the interview is performed by a forum member by the name of Unreal Warfare, so without any further gushing, let’s get on with it.

Hi Wolf how are you?

Hey mate, I’m doing good thank you, just got back from a training session at my local pool and gearing up to do a review on Darksiders, god life is tough.

What does TFD stand for in your gamertag?

Y’know I figured this was going to be asked. the eagle eyed among you may have noticed there is a page on my site titled ” TFD” as well.
TFD stands for Taskforce Dagger, a gaming clan whom I am co-leader of.
It’s a non-competitive gaming clan who get together to have a blast and to get away from the random idiots on Xbox live.
If you fancy checking us out you may do that at:
We also pride ourselves on being good mannered and polite people as well as never glitching or cheating.

What’s your first name?

Well I dunno, first date and everything…..
My first name is Baden, named after an old legend.

Can you give us a little background information about yourself?

Lets see, I’, 18 years old and have been gaming for around 15 of those earth years.
I’m a lifeguard and hold the Award of Merit and the Award of Distinction which is the 2 highest awards given to lifesavers in the UK and teach first aid skills and lifesaving skills to kids who will eventually grow up to be lifeguards ( god help us all)
Apart from gaming I love to read and of course, write.
Love a good film as well and also practice Parkour.
What else? oh yes I’m a drummer as well as music is akin to paradise for me
I have 2 pets, a dog and a tarantula, and crickets as well but you can’t really count them as there only to feed the spider.

Any games that stood out for you in 2009?Batman: Arkham Asylum was a spectacular game and so very well done.
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts as well simply because it has given me so many hours of fun and I still love to play it.
I thought 2009 was a dam good year for gaming, there may not have been a vast amount of release’s but the quality of each was superb with games like AC2,MW2, Dirt 2,Skate 2 (alot of 2’s) Banjo Kazooie,Mirrors Edge,Batman and more.

What games are you looking forward to in 2010?

Without a doubt Mass Effect 2 is the game that I’m am planning on marrying, settling down with and having litte baby Effects running around.
The only flaw in ME1 was the combat, and now Bioware have fixed that with most reviews saying the combat can now stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Gears 2. it’s going to be Epic.
Apart from that you should keep an eye on Naughty Bear which is set to be the most unique 2010 release by far.
Crackdown 2 as well is going to be brilliant as the original is a game that I love.

What’s your favourite game ever?

Ooooooh tought. It’s between GTA: San Andreas and the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for me.
Both are massive games with so much to do and experiance and I think both of them helped define what an open-world sandbox game should be.
Sadly GTA IV was terrible, losing all that made GTA great.
Fingers crossed for the next Elder Scrolls though.
Oh and special mention to Total Annhilation, it shall go down in history as something amazing.

Name one game you would like to see made into a film, and vice versa.

Mass Effect, it’s pretty much a film already with it’s superb story and  first class voice acting. plus we could have steam alien love scenes!

Vice versa is harder though, ooooh I know, Max Payne 😉

How do you feel about the way companies like EA and Microsoft handle DLC?

It depends, take Dragon Age as an example, it had DLC on launch day but it was free for people that bought the game which is fair enough as they did not have it completed in time to include it on the game.
But then you have games like Brutal Legend which recieves pointless expansion packs which dont give the fans what they really want.

What’s your take on *** and violence in videogames today?

Any game that has DLC in a few weeks of it’s launch that you have to pay for thought is shameful and is just to make money, but sadly people still buy it so it continues.

It’s wierd to see how almost every game has violence of some sort or another.
It seems that humans have trouble finding entertainment in anything that does not involve guns, nudity or gore. or all 3 in one scene.
Maybe it stems from our primitive natures, that urge to hit things with the biggest dam stick we can find is still in us.
But really, how highly evolved can humans claim to be if almost every form of entertainment we have usually involves violence?

On the other hand gaming would not be anywhere near as big as it is now without violence, hell, I play violent games constantly.
Without it the games market would crash and burn and gamers everwhere would become savage little people wearing leotards and hitting each other with rocks.

Any games out there that just go too far for you?

None so far, the No Russian level that recieved so much flak for instance.
I can understand why but I found it to be a bold step forward for games as they move towards a more mature storytelling .
While the actual level was a bit stupid ( why not just shoot Makarov when you have the chance?) it did give the game a personal feeling and whether you pulled the trigger or not was up to you, so maybe you should ask yourself, is the reason you hate the level so much because you pulled the trigger?

After taking over the reigns of UK commuity interviews and hosting them on your blog site, what got you motivated to get involved with the community in this way in the first place?

Good question.
The Xbox.Com community has become a big part of my life since I joined is hallowed ranks and I wanted to give them something back.
I came up with interviews and then remembered reading Akuaza’s Behind the Tag interviews and how much I enjoyed them which just re-inforced my desire for community interviews.
In all honest it’s not much that I’m giving back but at least I am trying.
There’s still another idea to come though that will link my site and even more, keep an eye out for that.

What are the top 5 most interesting interviews that you have done?

ooh, god, thats a hard one.
Hoaxs interview was great, as was Fatmonds and KittyKats 🙂
Loved interviewing Reina Watt as well as she has some great views to read.
Mexicola’s interview holds a place in my heart though as it was my first interview.
In all honesty though I’ve loved doing every single one of them.

Which Xbox 360 character would you like to interview?

Wow there are so many.
Interviewing my character from Mass Effect would be great though, I would love to hear his opinion on how much I screwed up his life.

Pirates or Ninjas?

NINJA PIRATES! They are Ninja’s that sneak aboard your shoot, steal your loot and say “arrrrrrrrrr” far too much.
They also have a parrot called Steve, please do not ask him if he wants a biscuit as he views it as stereotyping.
If I cant choose that them I’m going to have to go with pirates, because Jack Sparrow is one.

Thanks for your time mate.

I’m always up for being publically humiliated 🙂

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  1. Ive just started having a look about your blog. Its a nice place to be and im loving the interviews. Its give you a different view on peeps.

    Nice touch having someone interview you. Keep up the good work and i will be popping this into my favorites for future viewing.

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