Kanugopt- interview

Hi, how are you doing?

Hello there. I’m fine, I’m reading a couple of old OXM magazines I have here. That’s right, I still read on paper.

Whats your first name?
My first name is Peter. Yeah, like Family Guy. Is there a Stewie around here? He may be my son.

 Tell us about yourself?

Well, I’m 26 years old. I grew up playing videogames (since I’ve won a Mega Drive in a supermarket contest), about five years ago I started writing about videogames in specialized websites (reviews, news, previews and opinion articles) and now I’m writing about Xbox 360 here in the community.

What game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?
I love Role Playing Games as well as adventure ones, so I’m looking forward to Mass Effect 2 (so close), Final Fantasy XIII, BioShock 2 and Alan Wake. Not so much looking forward but curious about the all “Natal thing”. I want to see how Microsoft is going to pull it off.

What was your Game of The Year 2009?
I enjoyed Assassin’s Creed II. Also, I have to say a few words about Magna Carta II. The game sold poorly and it’s one of the most underrated games of the past year.
Do you think single-player campaigns are losing out on the ever increasing focus on multiplayer?
I have to go with yes. I don’t have a problem with the producers introducing multiplayer modes into the games, but please don’t cut off cooperative in the same console. Nothing beats the adrenaline off playing with a friend or a brother in the same console. Bungie, Valve and Epic, keep it like it is in Halo, Left 4 Dead and and Gears.

What have games tought you?
That a crowbar can be a powerful weapon against burglars as well as aliens.
Do you have a gaming philosophy?
Indeed I do. Never use guides. And when used deny it on interviews made by Wolf.

The past few days have seen the refreshing of the Ambassador program, what do you think of it?
Well, that seems to be the hot topic of the moment. Most of the users I saw becoming ambassadors deserve the spot. The only thing I have to point out is the all “badge/email” episode. Some got the email, some got the badge, I think a word from the administration was necessary. That way, a lot of spamming, trolling and doubts would have been avoided.

What do you think about Natal?
Like I said a few answers back: I’m curious. I don’t see it become so precise you don’t need a controller anymore, but I want to see what Mr. Molyneaux is going to do, as well as Rare and Turn 10. Also, if they can put the accessory in the market under £50 it’ll increase the number of gamers who will buy it.

Are games becoming too easy?
Last Remnant begs to differ. I really think that depends on what difficult you choose to play. If normal is the new easy for you, then play it on expert.

Tell us a joke…
You asked for it. I know a dog who breaths through its arse. He sat down and died.
Funniest Xbox Live moment?
All the moments that involves juniors in Modern Warfare 2. It’s amazing how you think you own the world until you eat lead through your mouth. The funny part is the excuses: it was the controller; it was the connection; it was my cat who decided to dance in front of me.

Who would win a fight between Marcus Fenix, Master Chief and Dante?
Master Chief. The poor Spartan looked death in the eyes several times, and Bungie always gave him another life. 😉

Do you think gamers are still seen as spotty teenagers in a darkened room?
Not at all. Almost everyone game these days. From teenagers to grandmas, there is a game that amuses anyone. Also, the industry has grown immensely in the past years and the internet expanded the all scene. When Matthew Perry says “I have blisters from playing Fallout 3” (don’t know how is that possible, either), you know videogames have changed.

Best game ever and why?
I’ll have to go with Monkey Island. I played the first games and finished all of them without guides or cheats. In those days, I played against a friend of mine. The first one to finish the game wins it all. I’ve won. I’ve defeated LeChuck.

How much have you spent on your Avatar?
Little time. With a Ruins Mask and a Chocobo you can’t go wrong. It’s like I have a Zoo in my pants. Wait, what?

Thanks for your time!

No, thank you. Great questions and great work. Also, let me “personally” congratulate you on your new role. Beer is on you.

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