UnholiestHojo- Interview


Hey Hojo, how are you?

Im good, though a little tired after an all nighter on Bayonetta.

are you really unholy?

Only when i dont get any sleep.

Whats your first name?

James, though everyone calls me Jim.

tell us a little about yourself?

Started gaming in 1981 and have played lots over the years.  I also love animals and have quite the menagerie at the moment including ferrets, sheep, horses and dogs. Three years ago i took a job in a school so i get plenty of free time to pursue my hobbies 

.what game/games are you most looking forward to in 2010?

Where to start as there is so much i am looking forward too.  I suppose the main ones are Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2 and God of War 3.  Hopefully Fallout Vegas will see the light of day before the summer holidays so i can spend even more time wandering the wasteland.

What classic game would you love to see come to XBLA?

I would love the Aliens V’s Predator arcade game to see a release for something i can play quickly and as there arent enough rpg’s on the marketplace something like Dungeon Master(Amiga).

Fave retro game?

System Shock 2, it was the first game to really scare me and the atmosphere it created was like nothing else i had ever played.

What was your game of the year 2009?

I was going to go with Assassins Creed 2 but after replaying it a few weeks ago i would have to give the honours to Batman:Arkham Asylum.

In terms of storytelling do you think games can now stand side by side with books and films?

Definatly, games are matching both medias in that respect.  Bioware games have fantastic stories and really deep characters with the added bonus of you actually playing as one of them, making decisions that really impact the world around you.  Of course for every great game story, as in books and films there is also a lot of trash out there which can still be fun.

Do you ever read the game manual?

Always, as a kid i loved reading and reading the manual is usually my first experience with the latest game i have purchased.

Some people think strategy guides are cheating, what do you think?

Gaming is meant to be enjoyed and strategy guides can add to that enjoyment.  I only ever buy guides for rpgs and its usually after i have played through and i want to know what i have missed.

Do you think girl gamers have been under-representated in gaming?

When i started gaming it was practically unheard of for a girl to play games.  Times have changed though and lots of girl gamers are out there which is good.  Gamer chix was a great idea to help promote the female population and i hope it continues to grow as gaming is a great pastime for anyone.

Games have stayed away from such subjects as racism, sexism etc but with the current trend of dark and mature stories do you think we will see game’s tackling these subjects more?

Hopefully, the average age for a gamer is around 29 and games have grown into a massive medium and just as with books and movies we need all sorts of genres to tackle issues we deal with everyday to push it even further forward.

what have games tought you about history?

Recently Assassins Creed 2, though i remember a game on the Amiga by Cinemaware called Wings in which you played a WW1 pilot.  Between each mission you were presented with a diary entry which i copied word for word for a history assignment for school, the teacher thought it was great and gave me a B for it so i suppose i learned a little from that.

Do you think Microsoft are pushing towards casual gamers too much?

As long as its core audience isnt forgotten im not too worried about the push towards the casual gamer.

Funniest moment from Xbox Live?

It was when i had friends over and we were playing split screen Halo3 over live,  one guy who shall remain nameless didntt really play often and he thought he was doing really well whilst everyone watching him knew he was looking at the wrong side of the screen.  He was actually being killed every couple of seconds and he couldnt understand why everyone including the opposing team were laughing at him.  He got so worked up in the end that he left .  We found out the following day he had gone to Tesco to buy an xbox to practice just so he could get his own back.

What do you think of the Xbox community as a whole?
It’s a great community for the most part and has really grown since live first started, i’ve made some really good friends and look forward to making even more.

Thanks for your time!

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