The Secret Armory of General Knoxx- Review

Borderlands returns for more looting and shooting with the biggest DLC release yet.

Titled The Secret Armory of General Knoxx this new add-on to the Borderlands universe add’s around 5 hours worth of main missions and another 2-3 hours of side missions and of course, more guns.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx raise’s the level cap by 11, allowing you to add 11 more Skill Points to your character along with 3 new vehicles to drive around in, a large new gameworld and the toughest boss to ever grace Borderlands.

The new location is made up of several large area’s which are linked by massive free-ways to blast across in the 3 new vehicles.

These are the new Racer, a very fast ride to get you place’s quick, the Monster which is an armoured truck and finally, the Lancer which is a very slow but very powerful APC that holds up to 4 players at a time along with some sweet weapons.

This time around players can look forward to a good reward for beating the main mission as you get 3 minutes to loot a massive armory, it’s not long but it is a 3 tiered warehouse filled with beautiful weapons crates.

Along with this the new DLC also provides the toughest boss in Borderlands, once you beat the main story missions you unlock this beast, while the players are capped at level 61 this new terror is a level 64 beast and it will take a team of maxed out characters to stand a chance of beating it.

Happily though it has a very high chance of dropping a new rarity of weapon named Pearlscent which players can look forward to grabbing, if they survive.

Sadly though it does fall victim to the flaws from the first game, a lack of any real storyline and the same generic missions, go here kill this or grab that.

Along with that it contains 2 large flaws, number one is the lack of fast travel points around the world and considering it’s made up of vast free-ways this means you often end up driving from one end of the new map to the other which can get very frustrating after a while.

The second is the difficulty of the DLC, while reviewing the DLC I was using a level 49 soldier with 2 playthroughs under his belt.
On Playthrough 1 the enemies were almost 15 levels below me, making the game insultingly easy.
On playthrough 2 all enemies were 4 levels above my own making it incredibly tough.

But however you look at it the DLC still provides almost 8 hours worth of game time along with higher level cap, new vehicles and weapons to play with and the same Borderands humour that we all love.


Graphics: 90%
The same beautiful cell-shaded graphics.

Gameplay: 87%
Looting ‘n’ shooting is still addictive but the lack of fast travel hurts.

Lifespan: 85%
A solid sized DLC that provides alot of gameplay.

Overall: 89%

A great DLC that provides even more Borderlands action, though no new gameplay features.

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