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Coming from the creators of Project Gotham Racing I hade high hopes for the upcoming street racer Blur, it’s prmoise of underground racing mixed with power-ups was an interesting idea and an unusual take on the standard street racing formula that makes up the vast majority of the games.

Thankfully Blur got a Beta and of course we jumped at the chance to play the game and ram people into the barriers as wel left them coughing in a dust cloud.


Blur is a good concept, take real life cars and put them in a city where they take part in street racing events, sound familiar?

It should, but then throw in power-ups that allow you to blast people off the track, lay down mines or flip over their cars and you have something that stands out as it tries to combine a realistic looking world with a fantasy.

The problem is while Blur is an enjoyable racer it just feels slightly off.

It’s the cars themselves that dissapointed me, the handling feels heavy, clunky and the cars feel rather sluggish as you try to manouver them around corners which is dissapointing considering the brilliant handling model that made Project Gotham Racing so great was made by Blurs creators.

It almost feels like they’ve tried to create a fairly realistic handling model and combine it with power-ups but the combination feels out of place.

In terms of graphics Blur is a pretty enough game but thanks to the realistic settings it does look a bit plain, however the power-ups are all very well designed and look good as they blast around the track.

However I did notice some textures were lacking in detail, most noticably on trackside details.

But this is just a Beta with plenty of time to fix that.

Blur is an enjoyable racer in any regard but it feels unpolished and the handling needs major work at this point, but this is just a Beta of the game with plenty of time to fix everything up and get it running smoothly.

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