Connor net-Interview


And today we have the very first interview conducted by Fatmond.

Who’s that you ask?
We’re not sure, he turned up one day, raided the fridge and drank the beers before handing us this interview and wandering back onto the street, let’s hope he keeps it up as we like interviews!
He can keep his grubby little hands off the beer though….

Oi, you there, who the hell are you and what do you do?

What? Huh? Sorry, I am Connor as you could probably guess[;)] I don’t do a lot apart from playing on my xbox and i am currently looking for apprenticeship in ICT, I also play rugby on Thursdays and Sundays.

One can’t help but notice that you have Ambassador status; What are your thoughts on the program, how could it be improved and why did you want to help people on Live?

I think that the program is a good idea so people know who to look for when they need help. Its also a good place where i can be nosey and see what the community is up to.

Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers are probably the best country outfit of all time but what’s your favourite music to listen to while gaming, if any?

I cant really multitask (Typical man)so i don’t tend to listen to any music when i am gaming i only end up singing and then get muted by everyone  But if i do listen to music it is usually Heart (Radio).

Do you frequent a lot of other forums or do you exclusively post on OXF and what are your thoughts on the community?

I just post on the OXF forum its got a good community and i wouldn’t want to leave you guys(and girls)i dont know what you will be able to do without me.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Yes i have met James Cordon(Gavin and Stacey star) at a take that concert and before you ask i am not a Take That fan! Although they do have some good records.

The 360 is a cracking console (aside from the fact that it will inevitably break at some point); Is it the best console you’ve ever owned, if not what is and why?

Ummm.. Yes it is the best console i have owned i havent really owned many, i have had a PS1, PS2, Sega, Xbox360 and a few hand held consoles the best part of the 360 is online gaming! (BFBC) 

It appears that we may have a hung parliament which has massive implications for this country. That being the case; What series/game do you wish we had on the Xbox?

Ratchet and clank! I loved it on the ps2 and i wish it comes to the xbox360! It had an amazing story and game play! I recommend it to any one with a ps3.

It’s 4am and I’m watching Gladiator but I was thinking about watching The Dark Knight; Who is the best person to have played Batman so far and who should be the bad guy in the next Batman movie?

I am not really a movie fan so i don’t know that many people but that dude of Avatar (the one in the wheel chair) i think he would make a good batman not sure who the bad guy will be though.

Where do you think gaming is going? Will we ever get stuff like TRON or amazing 3D headsets like in that one episode of ‘House’?

mmhmm.. i hope we do but i don’t think we will ever see anything as amazing as that well not whilst we are alive anyway! The closest we got is Mass effect 2.

Everything always needs improving (except the film Predator which is perfect); How can Microsoft improve their service? (Live, the console, the forums, their studios or anything else you can think of).

A mini fridge will be nice built into the xbox, but on a serious side i would like to see a few more exclusives for the 360 and i would also like to customize the dashboard a bit more and have a few more offers, but the main thing is to get lower the amount of times people get RROD.

I have run out of questions, do you have anything earth-shatteringly brilliant that people should be made aware of?

Yes… Me!! (p.s. don’t forget BFBC2 dlc is coming out soon)

Thanks for participating in Wolf’s interviews

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