Atomic Games have announced Breach for Xbox Live Arcade, due for release in summer of this year.

Atomic are best knowing for developing simulations for the US Military.

Breach is a first person shooter using an Active Cover system and destruction engine that allows players to shoot through the floor to ambush players, blast through walls and bring down balconies to kill enemies.
The Active Cover system compliments this thanks to a unique system, as your cover is slowly destroyed the sytem adjusts for this.
For example if you are hiding behind a concrete wall and a high caliber bullet blows a chunk of wall away, the system will then allow the player to use this new hole to shoot from.

It’s a fantastic sounding system and will allow for some truly unique gunplay, Atomic are even saying that you can blast away individual bricks to create sniper holes.

The game will be downloaded with 4 maps and 4 game modes, 3 of these maps will be daylight and the final shall be set at night.
Atomic are also promising 2 more free maps once the Breach community have reached certain goals, sounds a bit like Battlefield 1943, huh?

You will be taking control of Special Activities Division, these people are sent on Black Op’s.
Thanks to Atomics background in creating training programs for these people they are guarenteeing authenticity in weapons, gadgets, clothing and more.

It’s the actual scale that sounds promising for just an Arcade title, with 16 player multiplayer and large, destructible maps it’s going to be a massive playground.
Using an XP based system you can spend your hard earned XP to buy new weapons and gadgets, such as the Bionic Ear which lets you hear enemies through walls and the motion sensors.
XP can also be used to purchase Battlefield Perks, such as increased ammo and seeing the person who killed you on radar.
Death Streaks have also come into Breach, if you get killed enough times these will take affect, giving you  a small bonus to get you back on your feet and into the fight.
There will also be 8 weapon attachments to customise your weapons.

Finally the game includes 4 classe’s with 1 unlockable class.

If you master 2 of these classe’s you will unlock a special Recon class which has less armour but moves far quicker and has weaponary designed for both long and short range warfare.

Atomic are certainly promising alot for a Arcade only game, in their own words they wan’t to match and beat Battlefield 1943.

If they deliver on these promise’s then it’s looking like they very well could with one of the most technically impressive games to be seen on Arcade.
Penned in for a summer release it’s not long to wait, until then enjoy the screenshots.

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