When I see your Gamertag I think of that song “Cold As Ice” by M.O.P; What’s your name, what do you do and why do you have a Gamertag that reminds me of that song?
LOL – “Cold As Ice” was a cool song!  But there’s no association.  To cut a long story – Life is an adventure. Adventures are cool. I love adventures (see answer to question 4) – Hence Cool As Life.  Oh and real name is Danny.

2. Vampires are all the rage these days; Who would win in a fight between Blade, Angel and that weirdo from ‘Twilight’?
Haven’t watched Twilight yet so I can only go on Angel and Blade.  Think Blade would win cos he can run around in daylight – defo advantage for any vamp.  And he always has the cool gadgety weapons.  Angel  is just Buffy’s ex.            

3. Let’s face it, there are a shedload of games coming out this year; What are you most looking forward to (any platform will do)?
Looking forward to Fable III, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (Big Lara fan – sad I know), and Alan Wake.  Will be giving Game Room a look too as I’m old enough to remember the retro games first time round!

4. What’s your favourite thing to do aside from gaming?

I try to balance my gaming life with the real outside world.  When I not gaming I’m off on some doing some pepsi-max-extreme(ish)-outdoor-adventure.  I’ve done Mount Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp for example.  Pursuits include climbing, hiking, and anything to do with the great outdoors.

5. There’s a whole load of tossers on Xbox Live; How do you find the online experience on Live and what could they do to make it better?
Playing with randoms is one of the most annoying things in life. Not sure how “they” can improve it.  I would also posting a game/FR request in the xbox forum and hooking up with players that way.  Gotten many a GoW2 horde session thanks to the forums.

6. Imagine they made a Zelda game for the 360, that would be awesome right??! (If you don’t think that would be awesome; What do you wish we had that isn’t multiplatform?)
God help us if Zelda ever made it to the 360.  A game I loath and never really “got it”.  I wish we had Uncharted and MGS.  Saying that I looking forward to seeing Metal Gear Solid: Rising on the 360.  The likes of Zelda and Mario can stay exactly where they are!

7. There’s been a lot of debate about DLC recently; How much are you prepared to pay for DLC and what are your thoughts on it as a whole?
I personally like DLC.  When you think you’ve finished the game, the DLC adds that little bit extra.  That’s if it an extra level or extends the storyline etc.  DLC that just contains multiplayer map-packs I can take or leave – Would only buy them if I was hughely into the online of that particular game – e.g. GoW2.  However a COD mappack I not bothered with.

8. Alan Titchmarsh has annoyed quite a lot of the forum with his (and that stupid woman’s) misinformed views on gaming; Are you concerned about the level of violence in computer games, should more be done to police the ratings better and would you like to see more gaming related shows on TV?

A. Titch is entitled to his own opinion as are we gamers about growing flowers and veg.  Today’s youth are more conditioned to the virtual shoot’em dead culture we live in.  All of my many (under 15) nephews are playing MW2 , GoW, L4D and every other FPS game out there.  I don’t think it has made them any worse – They know the difference between right and wrong/ real and virtual.  Games like Dante’s Inferno should not be played by minors though, purely on it explicit content. 

9. Everyone loves a sandwich but what’s the best sandwich filling ever?
If I was to actually make sandwich myself it would be peanut butter and jam.

10. What’s your favourite genre of games and why?
I like a good FPS but there are always people (1/2 my age) with better reflexes who kick my arse.  So I tend to play the 3P action adventures.  Currently playing ME1 before I but ME2.  But have Bayonetta, Saboteur, BioShock, L4D and Darksiders lined up to play.

11. What is the one game you’ve put more hours into ever and what kept you playing it?
I suffer from “Completed Game OCD” having 100% finished about 26 games.   I’m only halfway through ME1 (2 more playthroughs to go) racking up about 80 hours.  GOW2 is probably the longest played game.  Online Horde and Seriously 2.0 will keep my playing for years to come.

12. Any final pearls of wisdom?
Ermmm – Remember we were all n00bs once. It’s ok to loose (occassionally). Never put jam in a toaster and burberry baseball caps are NOT cool!

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