Sniper Ghost Warrior

City Interactive has announced it’s first Xbox 360 game as Sniper Ghost Warrior.
Set in the make-believe island of Isla Trueno where a military regime led by General Vasquez  has taken over it’s going to be your mission to assassinate this man.
You and your squad quicky discover things have gone wrong leading to a 16 level battle to take him out.

Realism is the key for this game, using a truly accurate ballistic system to really give players a sense of what it’s like to live as a sniper.
You will have to adjust for bullet drop, travel time, wind factors and even your characters breathing to make that perfect shot through the lush jungle environment.

It’s not all sniping though, although much of the game is focused on this as occasionally you are going to have to get dirty in a close up firefight.

Bullet cam will also offer a unique view of that perfect shot going straight through your victims brains…….

Levels will include an oilrig, jungle ruins, beach’s and more.

It will also offer 16 player mutiplayer to keep you busy.

Time to prove your Legendary Sniper status.

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