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1. A sausage is one of the least dynamic objects on the planet, being that it’s minced pork and rusk inside a synthetic skin rolled into a cylindrical shape, so really your Gamertag is a bit of a paradox; Was that the reasoning behind it?

Have you never fried sausages? If you roll them around they move loads, with that being one definition of Dynamic, I beg to differ… =P Seriously though, I was getting bored and wanted something fun and new, I sent out messages and got this as a reply, I didn’t see the innuendo at the time but I did laugh at it’s randomness and changed it on that night. After that I started to see the obvious innuendo and I’ll tell you one thing, you can’t have a relaxing clean game of UNO anymore, everybody just thinks you’re a perv with this name. I’ll never change it though, I’ve grown to love it.

2. ‘Game Room’ is out now; Are you tempted or do you think it’s an overpriced load of toss?

To be honest I quite like the idea. the fact that you can personalise your own little area is brilliant in my opinion and it’s brilliant that we can re-live those old moments again. I was never much of a reto gamer but I’ll be sure to get Game Room and a couple of classics (PC and Xbox licenses) at some point.

3. If someone offered you the chance, would you go into space? (I’m bad enough on planes so I’d probably say no.)

Of course I would! Rockets, lasers, all that sci-fi stuff. Then there’s the fact that you’re now in an elite club that none of your friends can ever join, then there’s experiencing weightlessness, sure there’s that plane in LA but it’s not the same. Then there’s spaceman food, epic coms, a legitimate reason to start every sentence with “houston” and of course the ability to pee yourself with good reasoning.

4. It’s the twilight zone and there have only ever and will only ever be three games made for the 360; What are they?

If I can choose from any platform it would have to be…

Luigi’s Mansion, I loved that game before it even came out and when I finally got it a few years back I loved every second! Best game ever
Pokemon Silver, my first ever game and memories that I’ll never forget. I’ve been playing Soul Silver recently and love it! A HD 360 version would be ace!
Call of Duty 4 – Before the party system and Modern Warfare 2 this was the most fun thing to do ever. Sit with friends, have a banter, shout at some abusive Americans (no offense to any American there) and of course teabag your best mate who just got sniped in his “invincible hiding place”.
5. What’s the best holiday you’ve ever been on and what happened that made it so great?

In honesty I think I’ve only ever been to Skegness, but last year I took a friend and we had such a funny time. Getting stalked by crazy 8 year olds, playing Guitar hero on the pier, digging a massive hole on the beach, getting kicked out of arcades for searching the arcade machines for people’s pennies that they’ve left. It wasn’t perfect, but if you ever go on holiday and don’t really want to go – take a friend!

6. How do you make the money that you spend on gaming?

To be honest I don’t spend all that much money on gaming anymore. I have a paper round for 6 days a week and I work on the market on Saturdays. I get about £18 a week from those and £5 from my Mum and Dad so I don’t really get all that much. When I go up to 6th form this year I’ll have EMA though so hopefully I’ll have a lot more money tp spend on gaming. Perhaps even get a PS3 after all this time…

7. How many of the Marines from ‘Aliens’ can you name off the top of your head? (NO USING GOOGLE!!)

None. I’ve never seen the films ot played the games. I’ll take a few guesses though…

Optimus Prime?

No? None? Ah, I tried…

8. Where in the country do you live, were you born there and where would you like to live one day?

I live in Leicestershire in the East Midlands, the town where I live is actually right in the middle of England. In fact, in my atlas it shows on the north half and south half of England. I was born in the same town…

One day I’d love to live in America but I’m not sure I’d want to leave everything I have in England. Friends… Family… You know, all that sloppy stuff. =P I’ll maybe move there for a year or two though just to get the full American experience.

9. What do you think is the definitive RPG?

I don’t think there is one to be honest. The term stands for Role-Playing Game but it all depends on which role you’re playing. In Fallout 3 (which is a favourite RPG of mine) you’re playing the role of somebody who is searching for there Dad in a post apocolyptic wasteland, however, in Mass Effect you’re playing a commander in some kind of space war (sorry, I’m not a Mass Effect fan so don’t know the full story).

10. What’s the most excited you ever remember being about an upcoming release?

Modern Warfare 2! Probably the same answer for a lot of people too. I went to midnight release with a friend, expecting to be a couple of lonely nerds outside a video game shop we saw a load of Chavs, expecting to get stabbed or something we stayed low, until we realised they were only there to get the game as well!

I have to say though, the midnight experience was great and the all nighter that lead to me completing it 10 mins before I had to be up for school and falling asleep in Media Studies was worth it, but what a let down the rest of the game was.

11. Best flavour Haribo? (Get away from my fizzy cherries!)

The eggs… they’re so chewy, yet the yolk holds so much flavour! It’s just, impossible!

12. It looks like it’s going to be a great year for games, by the end of the year what will have been; The best, The biggest let-down, The most overhyped, The biggest surprise, The biggest stinker.
Green Day Rock Band (yes, I love rhythm games, and love Green Day even more)
Call of Duty
Alan Wake
Medal of Honor
Fable III (I’m sure it will be a great game, and I’m sure I’ll love it, but Peter M will just ruin it with his lies)
13. Tell us a joke/something really interesting/some amazing advice.

My favourite joke is way too sexist for the forums, I don’t want a bad image so you can have this one…
Alcohol is never the answer…… Unless the question is, “What is C2H5OH?”

I have peanut shaped toes… They go in in the middle. (yeah… seriously)

Follow me on Twitter… @DynamicSausage – that’s brilliant advice =P

Thanks for participating in Wolf’s Interviews!

Thanks for interviewing me! It’s good to feel wanted and let everybody see a little bit more of me. =) (don’t even go there)

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