1. Sup Holmes. What’s the happy haps, player? (That’s street talk)

Not much. I hate Mondays. I want to stab them in the face.
2. If there was an unexplained apocalypse like in ‘The Road’ (No more animals and no plants could grow) and you could magically re-create one food for the rest of your life; What would it be? (Also, would you consider eating people if you got bored of your magic food?)

I’d recreate KFC. You can thank me later. I’d definately try cannibalism. But I wouldn’t eat clowns, I bet they’d taste funny. ZING! Om nom nom nom nom.
3. What are your thoughts on teabagging in videogames?

I love it. Harmless fun.
4. Halo 2, CSS, Half Life, Goldeneye; What is the most influential/important FPS in your opinion? (Feel free to add one I’ve not listed) Also, what is your personal favourite?”

Out of those, Halo 2 is probably the most influential. But Half Life is my favourite. The terror upon hearing the squeal of a headcrab with only a crowbar equipped is unparalled.
5. Your nickname reminds me of something from Asimov; What made you come up with it and what is easily your favourite Will Smith film?

I took inspiration from a film called Donnie Darko. You should watch it. My favourite Big Willy film is Men In Black. Great theme song, too.

6. You are stuck on a desert island and you only have one album, one film, one DVD box-set, one game and three celebrities; What/who are they?

Album: Phil Collins’ Greatest Hits. Film: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. DVD box set: Lost, Season 1. Game: Condemned. 3 celebrities: Scarlett Johannssen (sp?), Melissa George and Nicki Aycox. Om nom nom nom nom.
7. Evolution or Creation?

Evolution. Probably my favourite Pearl Jam song. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?
8. How many times have you had the RROD? Do you think and Xbox slim is possible considering the ridiculous overheating problems us 360 owners are still looking forward to?

Once. It was only away for a few days and I got withdrawal symptoms. I never thought of a 360 slim like that – always thought the idea was purely cosmetic. Hmmm. If it lessened the chance of RROD, awesome.
9. You can be guaranteed one announcement from this year’s E3; What is it?

Star Wars: Battlefront 3. I want to crash my X-Wing into your Death Star.
10. Do your IRL friends know about your gaming habits and if so, what do they think about gaming?

My IRL friends are gamers, too. S’all good.
11. Do you spend a lot of time on the internet as a whole or just for a couple of bits like email and OXF?

A couple hours every day. I mostly lurk over mutual female friends’ photos on Facebook.
12. Any final words of wisdom?

Yes. Ooh im good will break your heart. Don’t get involved.

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