Gears of War 3 is coming!

We’ve all been waiting for the return of the massive franchise that is Gears of War 3, with rumours being that Cliffy B would announe the game this weekend and a trailer to be released on monday.

Well in a beautiful bit of irony, Microsoft have let it slip that Gears 3 is indeed coming in April 2011 with a accidental image coming up on Xbox Live Spotlight;

As you can see the resounding words state ” the epic story concludes 2011″ effectively stating that it will be the final game in the Gears series, which comes as no real surprise due to the game originally being billed as a trilogy.

Edge magazine are also claiming gameplay details including underwater based levels, mech suits and tentacled Locust.
Watch out for the trailer on Monday, and prepare to finish the fight…..

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  1. Awwwwesome. I loved the other two Gears games. I must say I enjoyed the shotgun being supremely over-powered in the first one though. It shouldn’t take three shots at extreme close range to put somebody down like in Gears 2.

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