Bioshock 2 DLC delayed and Singleplayer DLC is coming


Fans of Bioshock 2 will be a little dissapointed to find out that the Rapture Metro Map Pack, scheduled for release on April 29th, has been delayed with no new release date announced.

However it’s not all doom and gloom as the pack details have now been released.
For the sum of 800 Microsoft points you’ll be getting 6 brand new Multiplayer maps (take note Activision, 6 maps for 800MSP)
The DLC will also raise the online rank cap to 50, with a new feature that allows you to revert your rank back to level one after you hit 50. (a-la Prestige mode, no?) named the “Rebirth” feature, if you choose to go through with the rank drop however you’ll gain access to a special mask, as well as brand new items and a shiny achievement.

 Yes, the new DLC will also be including 3 new achievements to unlock, the other 2 are: Play a none Private match on each map. Win a game on each map. So far no achievement totals have been announced.

You’ll also be getting a new Multiplayer mode, called “”Kill ‘Em Kindly.” which is a melee only mode. However they’ve also announced that this new mode will be FREE to EVERYONE, not just those who purchase the DLC.

But if want you want is more awesome singleplayer action, then never fear because it’s been announced that there will be singleplayer add-ons in the coming months that provide “new insight into the world of Rapture”. These singleplayer packs are promised to have more narrative, new tools and new challenges.

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