Mutated Monkeyz-Interview


1. I bet your real name isn’t Mutated Monkeyz. What is it really you big fat liar! Might as well tell us your occupation and dreams while you’re at it!

“Hey, my name is Bradley Elliman, I am currently in Sixth form studying Business, ICT and Media. My dream would have to be seeing Aston Villa winning the league but very much doubt that will be anywhere other then in my dream.”

2. Who’s the best rogue; Captain Jack Sparrow, Han Solo, Mal Reynolds or Jimmy McNulty?

“I will have to go with the one they call Captain Jack Sparrow, no reason why although it could have something do do with my old drama class when i played his role.”

3. What’s the one game that everyone should absolutely play without question?

“Ermmmm… I would say Halo 3 because of its nature towards First person shooters and the community that the game has.”

4. What improvements could be made to the Xbox forums and website?

“I would suggest the icon system is used more efficiently by the mods and used more because at the minute i don’t see the mods giving out icons such as ‘on-topic’ to people that wouldn’t even say a word out of turn although it’s not really a big problem it still needs looking at. I would say this problem isn’t really the Xbox forums website but i would like to see the Forums Advertised on the dashboard to bring newer people on here and could in the future make the forums an even better place to be.”

5. What’s the best ice lolly available on the market at this moment in time or any time in the past?

“Not had an ice lolly in awhile but must say from experience i have always loved ‘Fab’, you know the one with red in the bottom third, white in the middle third and chocolate on top. Yummmm…in fact i’m off to get one now”

6. Any summer holidays planned? If not; Best holiday evar?

“Should be off on holiday with the family this year, going France although i can’t speak a word of it and i’ve never been there i’m hoping it will be up there with the best holidays of my life. Snails and frogs legs anyone?”

7. Have you met anyone off your friends list in real life? If not, would you? How about a forum party, would you go to that??

“Well one person i know in real life comes here on the forums, ‘Jedi Popeye’ is his gamertag, we know each other from sixth form and going school together which is always a plus. About a third of my friends list i know in real life, look at me all popular and stuff. I would like to meet some people but others not so much and a forum party would be brilliant with the right people there.”

8. What’s an acceptable length for a single player campaign these days? Should they always be a good 15 hours+ or is multiplayer more important?

“Always have and always will prefer a good single player over a good multiplayer but of late companies have decided that multiplayer is more important then single player which i think is wrong because i would much prefer to play 15 hours on single player then Multiplayer but don’t get me wrong i do enjoy multiplayer games such as gears of war, call of duty and halo but i think i would enjoy them more if there single player was up to the standard of there multiplayer.”

9. Everyone loves a good old fashioned list! Best band, best TV show, best Pizza Express pizza and best Comedian?

“Best band would have to be the Foo fighters, pure brilliance in that band, enjoy the song ‘the pretender’ the best from there album. Best TV show would have to Match of the day because i love watching football and Match of the day does it without including the boring bits where they pass it between the back four, for ten minutes. Never have liked pizza but i love burgers and theres no where else to go to get your burgers other then burger king but it’s very expensive. Best comedian has to be Lee Evens, Knows how to keep the audience entertained through the simplest of things.”

10. Evolution or Creation?


11. Aside from the 360, what’s your favourite other gaming platform?

“When with family it has to be the Nintendo Wii for the pure fun of it but when alone or with a mate i would go with the PS3”

12. Got any pets? What would be the best pet in the world, if you could have anything as a pet?

“No pets for me although i really would like a Monkey infact a Mutated Monkey but not just one of them, there would have to be a few of them Mutated Monkeyz running around”

Thanks for playing chief! Final words?

“Enjoy life, Enjoy gaming.”

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