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Welcome to the Journal, a random entry every day just talking about gaming in general, from my exploits in games to rants, random bits of news, deals from our store and loads of other wierd ass stuff! (but nothing kinky…unless you role that way).

Well I’m back to playing Batman: Arkham Aslyum, it’s one of my all time games for the Xbox 360, if playing as the Dark Knight was not enough the actual gameplay is stunning.
The Scarecrow sections of Arkham were well done, in many ways they even questioned Batmans place in Arkham Asylum, is he just as worthy of a place in the Asylum as the very villains he hunts down?

Speaking of Batman: Arkham Asylum, did you realise the Game of the Year Edition was out?
Now usually this just means it contains the game+DLC for a cheaper price and thats correct, but this time the game also comes with the ability to be played in 3D, (and it comes with the glasses) now how dam cool is that?

If you’ve never played the game I really suggest picking up the GOTY edition,  which you can buy from our own store.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition

Now, I’m patiently awaiting my copy of Red Dead Redemption for review, hopefully arriving sometime this week.
Now for those of you that don’t know,  Red Dead Redemption is from the creators of GTA and is set in 1908.
It’s a Wild West setting allowing you to play out your cowboy daydreams in a massive sandbox world.

It’s certainly got pedigree, and the Wild West has been very underused in gaming.
While the story appeals it’s mostly the feeling of living in the Wild West thanks to the extremely realistic looking world where you can even tip your hat to people on the street to greet them!

Hopefully we should have the full review for you all soon!

On some other notes, did you guys realise we also have a Youtube channel? no? well go here then:

And in a few days I should be sitting back at home with a shiny copy of Super Street Fighter IV to play and review, along with either a Hori Fight Stick or Fightpad to review as well!

Speaking of fighting games, some of you may have noticed the Blazblue: Calamity Trigger review, I’ve been happily addicted to this game for a while now but sadly it’s not a well known game, so I recommend that if you call yourself a hardcore fighting fan thenyou should own Blazblue: Calamity Trigger.
As you might of expected we have that to purchase via our Store as well:

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Special Edition

We give it a very good 9 in our review

And of course, I’m addicted to Bad Company 2 at the moment thanks to it’s great multiplayer, highlights of last night include a 482 point Marksman headshot and taking down a Helicopter with a quadbike by leaping off a cliff and slamming into the side of the chopper!
It’s the stuff you just can’t get anywhere else, so many memorable moments with friends or randoms.

Ohhhhh and how could I forget? Iron Man 2 is away to hit the cinema’s, but it’s already getting bad reviews, well not bad just average scores.
Of course it was going to be hard to follow the first Iron Man film, it was incredibly well done and they captured the style of Iron Man/Tony Start extremely well and set a good bar for Super Hero films!
Sadly the games never live up to it, Super Hero’s never get great games bar the occasional exception like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Spider man 2 etc but the Iron Man game was terrible and Iron Man 2 sure ain’t looking great either!

So whats the problem? Super Hero’s are almost designed for games, but instead of taking there time with these license the developers use them as a fast track for making money thanks to the label.
They rely on the fact that Iron Man 2 will sell thanks to the film and the name on the box, but not on it actually being a great game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is an exception, Rocksteady took their time and did their homework on the Caped Crusader and created a game that portrayed the Dark Knight perfectly.
Based on the comics instead of the films it does not follow the path of many Batman games which just cast Batman as another generic guy that battered his way through everything.
Instead Arkham took a look at the character, and sure he’s a great fighter but he is also a detective as a master of stealth and fear.
So you can hide in the darkness, striking without anyone realising and creating fear in your enemies, or use your detective skills to follow clues and more.
Along with it’s voice acting, level design and use of characters it stands not only as the best Super Hero game and the bar for the others to be measured against, but as one of the best titles on the 360.
Who knows, maybe Iron Man will get that game he deserves?

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