Super Street Fighter IV-Review


Date: Out now
Developer: Dimps/Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Singleplayer: yes
Splitscreen: yes
Multiplayer: 2-8
PEGI: 12+

 Its got the word “Super” on the box. there. This is not a sequel to last years fighting game, Street Fighter IV. In fact Super Street Fighter IV is more of a DLC/update released on a full retail disc but for alot less cash. In fact you can get it from out own store for a measly £23 (shameless advertising for the win)

 It makes reviewing the game that much more difficult, do we review it as a full, seperate game or more as a Add-on pack?


 Well it’s going to be a mix, we’ll tell you if it’s worth owners of the original game buying and we’ll tell you whether other people should buy it, got that? good. 

 Super Street Fighter IV includes an extra ten characters, 8 are from previous games in the series while 2 characters (Juri and Haken) are entirely new to the series.
While Juri feels and looks part of the Street Fighter universe, Hakan feels and looks slightly out of place.
This giant of a man uses a Turkish fighting style that involves dousing himself in oil, meaning many of his attacks revolve around slides and grabbing opponents before gripping them tightly to make them rocket out of his arms (or in some cases, legs) and into a wall.
He’s a very hard character to get to grips with and many of his moves feel clunky to pull off. 


 This brings me to my main gripe about the game, it’s one of only a few but still… 

 Super Street Fighter is still terrible on an Xbox 360 controller, now many people blame this on the controller itself and yes, while it has a terrible D-pad it still has the anologue sticks. 

 Once again many will argue that it’s the pads fault but the fact of the matter is Blazblue: Calamity Trigger has created a system that works extremely well with the pad, but Street Fighter has not managed this leading to many having to go out and buy a Street Fighter fightpad or an Arcade stick to play the game well.
No effort at all seems to have gone into trying to make the game more Xbox 360 pad friendly and many moves remain stupidly hard to pull off using one, it’s a major flaw in the game and one that angers me beyond belief. 

 Along with the characters you’ll be getting some new modes as well, a few new multiplayer modes have been added and the Barrel and Car bonus stages from previous games return and make their way into the arcade mode, they’re entertaining to play and can be switched off entirely if you simply wish to punch people in the face. 

 With the game boasting a massive 35 fighter roster line up I’m still dissapointed by how samey each character feels, I counted a full 7 characters that have almost exactly the same moveset and button commands to use.
While this does me a new player can feel decently comfartable with each character it would of been nice to have more variety in characters movesets 

Dude, don't hit girls.....


 And now I’m going to get to the final point that irritates me because then we can get onto the good stuff.
For new players Super Street Fighter is unforgiving, the Challenge mode will allow you to learn the Special moves etc for each character but once you get to combo it becomes a different story, no explanation is given as to how these really work and many people are going to find themselves frustrated as they attempt to string them together, even worse is when the combo seems to have hit perfectly the but the game still wont count it as a combo.
It’s frustrating, timing is key to the system but nothing clues you in as to when to whack the button, and most of them require hyper speed inputs that once again leave you feeling like you need to venture forth and buy a fightstick just to do it. 

 While it’s rewarding for many people to sit there for hours on end mastering a basic punch combo many people are going to get sick fed up of the inconsistency after an hour or so and walk away, it’s a shame because once you get fighting the game is great fun to play, but the combo system just needs adjustement or a tutorial. 

 So now we get to the fighting, and it’s a beautiful thing as your 3d rendered character smashes people with his fists or throws that perfect fireball to end the match, fights are still a little to reliant of Special moves for my taste but it does create a nice tactical feeling as timing is key to nailing that move. 

Thankfully thanks to the large roster there is always a fighter to suit your style and likes, and strictly speaking the whole roster is pretty well balanced.
There is the occasional over-powered or under-powered character that offsets it all, but beggingers will still find a home with Ryu or Ken as they’re the simplest to get to grips with. 

 Each character in the game now has 2 Ultra combo’s to play with instead of one, now they usually have a close range and a longer range one giving each character that extra little bit of choice to play with.
Blocking can still be spammed a little too much encouraging those people that love to just block and throw the occasional attack leading to some boring fights and the AI in Arcade mode is pretty bad for it as well. 

 Speaking of Arcade mode, while the stories are still as nonsical as ever the new bonus stages are a nice distraction and it’s good fun to playthrough, though the final boss tends to be a nightmare at times. 

 Challenge mode is a good way for the new players to learn each characters style and moveset, though later challenges can be frustrating with the combo system but it provides a nice challenge and the more hardcore players will love trying to get them all for their fave characters. 

Much of this review may come off as a negative, but thats simply because I still feel there was things they could of fixed in Super that existed in Street Fighter IV, it’s still a supreme fighting game that offers depth and fun with some great graphics. 


 For the money, anyone who always wanted to pick up Streeth Fighter IV but never did should certainly pick up Super Street Fighter IV thanks to the low price tag and extra features, for those that already own the game it can feel a bit like a very over-priced DLC pack, but the new characters and modes do add alot to the game making a very nice package 

The good;
+ massive roster
+ nailing that perfect combo
+ smashing barrels!

 The bad;
– feeling like you should buy an Arcade stick
– Awkward combo system for new players
– relies on special moves a little to much


 Graphics: 9
The 3D look is nice to look at, though ever character seems to have huge muscles.

 Sound: 8.5
The voice overs all sound fine and the music is good, though it can get a little irritating after a while

 Story: 5
There are small cutscense at the beggining of Arcade for each character, but after that there is nothing really.

 Gameplay: 9
Street Fighter is still a great fighter, but the awkward controls on the standard 360 pad are horrible

 Lifespan: 8
Large amounts of people online will keep you coming back and it’s always good for a bout with friends in split-screen

Overall: 9 
A great fighter all round, nice to look at and fun to play though a little hard for new players to get into thanks to the combo system and awkward 360 controls

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