Modern Warfare 2 getting more maps!

OH MY GOD!  WOW!!! YEAH!!!!!!….eh…..yeah.

Ok so lets face it, another Map Pack for Modern Warfare 2 is about as surprising as a who-dunnit novel.
It’s coming out on June 3rd, named thr Resurgence pack and will contain 5 shiny maps.

Two of them are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare maps while the other three will be brand new.
The two COD4 maps will be Vacant and Strike.
The three new maps are: Carnival, an abandoned amusement park, including a Fun House, Bumper Cars and a Rollercoaster; Trailer Park, a, uh… trailer park… featuring super-tight corridors akin to a maze; and Fuel, set on an old oil refinery.

Sadly it’s already confirmed the pack will cost a whopping 1200MSP.
Thats the cost of Trials HD.

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