Skate 3-Review


Release Date: Out now
Developer: Black Box
Publisher: EA
Singleplayer: yes
Splitscreen: no
Multiplayer: 2-6
Co-op: 2-6
PEGI: 16+

Skate is back with its third outing in the series, however it’s been just under a year and a half since the release of Skate 2 so the question is simple, was that enough time to improve the game?

The answer is a simple yes, however in many respects it’s more of an update than true sequel.
Indeed if you were not drawen into the first two games then Skate 3 is not going to catch your attention either, but for fans of the first two ,Skate 3 updates the game with new features that add alot to the game.

The basic gameplay remains the same, pretty much unchanged other than a few tweaks to the physics to give your skater more wieght in the world.
The Flick’ it system returns, the right anologue stick is flicked (duh) to pull off each trick, so an ollie is done by pulling back on the stick and then flicking it up.
New players will still find the Skate series a little unforgiving to learn at times, but the new Skate School really helps new players learn the ropes of the game and the first time you nail that flip trick to grind you’ll be hooked.
The inclusion of Hardcore mode is fantastic, while Skate already is more realistic, Hardcore mode takes it to a new level and grinds have to be lined up perfectly as well as the fact that you cannot ollie as high or land stupidly big leaps onto flat land.
It helps add a new layer for those realy skating lovers.

While the basic gameplay remains the same other new inclusions alter the game in big ways such as the ability to create your own skatepark, it’s a major change for the series and adds something that skate fans have been demanding for a while now.
The whole system feels good, pieces of the park will snap to others to save those fiddly hieght adjustments and it’s pretty easy to create your dream park, unless you have the imagination of a brick.
Along with this new park creating greatness it’s now possible to drop rails, ramps and more into the world using the new Object Dropper.
It’s a nice addition, allowing you to create brand new lines in the world, while it does feel a little out of place in the more realistic world of Skate 3 it’s still a nice addition.

Hall of Meat returns and takes on an even more arcadey feel along with the ability to hit random passers by, and certain things are now more over the top which has given the game a very slight Tony Hawks feeling.
Odd for a series that has distanced itself from the game, however these are optional things so it’s nice to have the option to walk up to a person and smack them with your board. it’s nice to be able to do it in the game as well.

Skate 3 carries on from Skate 2, so you’re already a skating legend.
So after the wierd intro a big accident occurs when your character tries an insane stunt that goes wrong, this leads to getting plastic surgery which is a bit of a cliche way of doing it, but it works.
And then your new goal is to start your own company, by selling a million of your branded skateboards.
While this sounds a big change, it’s not. It amounts to completing challenges again just like the first two, but this time round it’s based around creating a team of skaters as well.
As you sell boards you can recruit team-mates, who you get to create yourself using the skater customisation options, which are a little limited.
You can then take pics of them skating which will appear on billboards around Port Carverton, Skate 3’s new home of skateboarding.
Blackbox have gone to massive effort with this new world, it still feels like a real place but also feels like it was solely built for the board, hell even the security guards skate.

Your board sales now tie into the online world of Skate as well where you can now form teams with your friends with your own personal team logo, then you can take on other teams or take on career challenges which count toward, not only your career, but your friends as well.
It all works very well and skating online with friends is great, however the EA servers are awkward, often having connection issues and more.
However there are a nice variety of challenges to take part in to keep you interested and going into free-skate with a bunch of friends is a great experiance.

Skate 3 will not change your mind if you never liked the first two, but for the Skate fans out there this update/sequel add’s brilliant new features and tweaks the game enough to keep it fresh.
Combine that with the new world and improved online and you’re onto a winner.

The Good:
+ nailing that line!
+ creating my own skatepark
+ building a team, go team go!

The Bad:
– stupid EA servers 😦
– Slamming into a post


Graphics: 8.5
Bright new world, it can look a little rough in places though.

Sound: 8
Good voice acting and sound effects.

Story: 5
there is no story really, build a company. got it? good.

Gameplay: 9
Skate 3 tweaks the basics a little and adds plenty of new stuff.

Lifespan: 8
Selling a million boards does not actually take long which is a shame, however just skating the world looking for lines can take months.

Overall: 8.5
It feels more of an update but the classic Skate gameplay still feels compelling and the raft of new features help improve the game even more, at this point in time it remains the best skateboarding game out there.

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