Red Faction: Amregeddon announced

This was a minor surprise, while it was widely known this game was coming a while ago it’s pecuilar that it’s announced on a Saturday and so close to E3. but anyway on to business.

Set a full 50 years after the events of Red Faction: Guerilla you’ll be playing as Alec Mason’s grandson!  Chaos must run in the blood.

For those 50 years Mars has enjoyed relative harmony after the events of RF:G, however as you may expect things don’t remain that way when a massive Terraformer that supplies Mars with it’s earth like atmosphere is  destroyed turning Mars atmosphere in a deady mix of super storms, tornado’s and lighting storms forcing the colonists to flee underground where they construct underground settlements.

Fast forward another 5 years to Darius Mason where he’s running a rather profitable business in Bastion, the massive underground hub where he deals in dangerous (read: stupid) missions, if it’s suicidal or just downright dumb Darius is your man.

However Darius gets tricked into opening up an ancient mineshaft that promptly unleashes an ancient evil. cliche.
This said evil then brings down Armegeddon upon Mars and it’s up to Darius and the Red Faction to save the day.

“• Hell on Mars – Darius Mason can only watch as the surface of Mars is destroyed. Seeking solace underground, an even greater threat emerges against humanity.

• Nano Forge – Unleash the devastating force of the Nano Forge with concussive blasts, core-shattering tremblers, and bone-crushing rhino charges.

• Extermination Mode – Four players can team up online to battle back the relentless tide of attackers as the mysteries of the ancient threat continue to unfold.

• Full Destruction – Tear down separatist outposts, rip apart alien monoliths, and reconstruct colonist defenses with Geo Mod 2.0, the most advanced real-time destruction engine to date.

• Fight for Survival – Free colonists from alien cocoons, reclaim cultist fortifications on the surface, and hunt for artifacts deep within alien hives to create unthinkable advanced weaponry.”

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