E3 2010

(E3) Xbox 360 “Slim”


As many of you will now now Microsoft are releasing a  new version of our beloved console, nicknamed the “Slim”.

Now first things first, “Slim” is a bit of a lie as the new console is only a fraction smaller and wieghs roughly the same as a standard 360, but it comes with an 250GB HDD.
This HDD is different from the current models, so your old HDD will NOT be able to be used with the new console, instead you’ll have to use a Transfer Kit which Microsoft are happily making a retail item.

The new console features a shiny black finish along with touch buttons on the faceplate so no more clickly buttons.
It also comes with in-built wireless and is more ventilated to boot.

It also comes “Kinect Ready” but this simply means it has the Kinect powersupply in-built and will most likely have the required updates already installed.

Sadly this new console only comes with standard definition cables out of the box which does feel like a bit of a cheat as HD is now the standard.

However the new console is also “whisper quiet” which is a nice bonus, but no mention of those terrible RROD and E74 issues.

What ports have changed?

Removed: The front Memory Unit slots were removed, but the front 2 USB slots are still there for controllers, USB storage, music game hubs, etc..  (Remember, since the 2010 Spring dashboard update, you can use any USB port on the console with a USB thumb drive as an Xbox 360 storage device)

Removed: The small cutout that the external wireless adapters connect to on the back of the console.  Since the console now has internal wireless N connectivity, you may not want to use the external wireless adapter.  If you find that the external adapter works best for you, that device has feet that swing out to allow it to sit on top of the console.

Added: An optical audio out (a.k.a. TOSlink, S/PDIF). It’s on the back of the 360 S now instead of on the AV cables.

Added: A port for the Kinect sensor that is a hybrid data and power port.  Kinect works with all Xbox 360 consoles, but on the new Xbox 360, you don’t need a separate power adapter for the Kinect sensor because this port will provide the power.

Added:  2 more USB ports on the back, bringing the total to three on the rear of the console in addition to the 2 on the front of the new Xbox360.

Backwards compatability remains the same.

It does NOT have removable faceplates.

And finally while the USA already has this thing coming out this week, the UK will have to wait until July 16th for theirs and it’s going to cost £199.99.

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