E3 2010

(E3)Warriors: Legends of Troy

It’s a testement to the legend that the tale of Troy is still spoken of, written of and has even had films made of it and now gaming is getting back into the action as the tale of Troy is once again told.
 You can choose whether to follow the story of the Trojans or the Greeks in the games two seperate storylines which span the legendary story, it’s focused on the war itself though as you can most likely tell….

During these massive battles you can play as Achilles, Odysseus, Hektor and Paris.
They’re certainly not taking the realstic approach as you’ll find yourself battling monsters sent from the Gods themselves along the way.

However at the moment it’s far from looking to be a must own title, instead it has a distinct Dynasty Warriors feeling to it all.

It has a brutal feel and look as you run enemies through with a sword but combat lacks polish and is certainly more of a button masher than anything else.

Perhaps we’re wrong, only time shall tell.

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