Summer Drought

Have you looked at the release list of games for the next few months?
Not that much coming out is there? nope.

We can now safely say that the Summer Games Drought has begun, a time of sorrow for gamers everywhere as the lack of new games slowly drives them insane. well, insaner anyway.

So what does that mean for us? for our reviews?

Well you see, the Drought is the perfect time to go on a pre-owned/bargain gaming binge!
Yes there may be a lack of new games but now is the perfect time to catch up on those 2009 games for cheap prices and pick up other bargains (we found Dark Void in Asda for just £7) and, of course, there are Arcade games as well!

So while we shall of course be reviewing any new games that turn up we’re also going to be posting reviews of games that can be found cheaply from 2009/ early 2010 as right now is a great time to pick them up to tide you over.
Games like Wolfenstein can now be picked up for around £10 making them good value for money.

And it’s kicking off with….. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince!

Hold the phone I know what you’re thinking, but with the Deathy Hallows coming out this year (it’s actually looking rather good, it now has a cover system and is more combat based) it felt right to review the game.

And we have the Xbox Live Arcade games such as Blacklight, Deadliest Warrior and Deathspank so watch out for those reviews as well!

Oh, and don’t forget to trade-in your old games as well!

Now, where did I put my Game Reward Card?

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