Pre-order & Collectors Madness!

With the Summer Drought away to end there is a host of games ready to be released with a few starting this month!
Then in September it really hits as games start coming in.

So to help you out here’s some of the choicest  upcoming games with some sweet Editions, all of which can be pre-ordered via our Store! Just click the links.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days 
Release Date 20/08/10
Welcome back to the distrubing world of Kane & Lynch, two of the most disturbed criminals you’ll ever meet.
Dark and gritty the original became a cult hit and now the sequel is looking to expand.
And you can get the Limited Edition for the price of the standard game!
it comes with a free Multiplayer map, 7 exclusive weapons and 8 masks to cover your identity with.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Limited Edition (£36.99)

Mafia II:  
Release date: 27/08/10
Take on the role of Vito this game lets you live out your Mafia dreams as you take to the streets in a third-person shooter set in a sandbox environment.
The Mafia 2 Collectors Edition comes packed in a Steel-book case along with a map of Empire Bay, a CD filled with the Orchestral Score for Mafia 2, a 100-page hardback photo style album as well as some DLC to top it all off!
Not a bad little collectors edition.
And if you pre-order the normal edition or collectors you’ll also get free Made-Man DLC.

Mafia 2
Mafia 2 Collectors Edition

Halo: Reach  
Release Date: 14/09/10
The Halo franchise is back and this time we’re going back in time to see the fall of Reach first hand!
Take control of Noble Squad in this latest game and, of course, take part in the now famous Halo mulitplayer and utilise the all-new Forge World to make the most insane maps yet!
If that ain’t enough things like Jet Packs and more will get you going!
And best of all it comes in 3 Editions:

Standard is just the game and manual, perfect if you enjoy the series.

Limited Collectors Edition is for the dedicated Halo fan and comes packaged in an ONI “Black Box” along with with exclusive Elite Armour for use in Multiplayer as well as an Artifact bag which contains Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents that help unravel the Halo universe!

But it’s the Legendery Edition (pictured) that all true Halo fanatics must have, this sick piece of gear comes packaged in a UNSC Storage box along with the game, manual and all the contents of the Limited Collectors Edition.
But the real star is the beautiful statue of Noble Team. Each is individually moulded, hand painted and numbered.
It also comes packed with some an Exclusive Spartan Armour effect for Multiplayer.

Halo Reach £37.99
Halo Reach Limited Collectors Edition £54.99
Halo Reach Legendery Edition £94.99

Test Drive Unlimited 2
Release date: 17/9/2010 
What do you do when you have not one, but two tropical paradise islands and a the greatest cars in the world?
If you can’t answer that then this game is not for you.
Test Drive Umlimited brought us a game about cars which combined singleplayer and multiplayer into one.
Essentially a MMOR (Racer) it gave you the greatest cars & bikes in the world and a massive island to use them on.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 promises even more, including off road racing.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 £39.99

Formula One 2010  
Release Date: 24/09/10
Formula One games have been thin of the ground of late but now Codemasters is bringing the top racing sport in the world back to the consoles!
Insanely detailed graphics, weather effects, tracks and cars make this the ultimate F1 simulation and promises to let you live the life of a driver as you negotiate the press and build your career!

Formula One 2010 £37.91

 Medal of Honor  
Release Date: 15/10/10
The long running series that began even before the huge sensation that is Call of Duty is returning and this time it’s set in the modern day conflict of Afghanistan.
You’ll be fighting as the Rangers and Tier 1 Operators in the games singleplayer and taking part in the Multiplayer built by Dice, creators of the Battlefield games!
And did we mention that if you own the Limited Edition you’ll be getting an invitation to the Battlefield 3 Beta? We didn’t? Damn.

Medal of Honor £38.91
Medal of Honor Limited Edition
(Limited Edition is not yet available to Pre-order)

Fable III  
Release Date: 29/10/10
Continue the story as the son or daughter of your fable II character as you battle to overthrow the current king.
But wait. Once you do so the story does not end as you take up your place as King or Queen of Albion and choose whether to uphold the promises you made as you rose to power or to become a tyrant!

The Fable III Limited Collectors Edition (pictured) includes a brand new in-game quest where you can earn the Wolfsbane sword.
A whole new region in-game to explore.
A deck of Fable III Playing Cards.
Guild Coing which has a Good & Evil side to help make those hard choices.
A new breed of Dog
And a unique outfit as well.
it all comes packaged in a book style case.

Fable III £37.99
Fable III Limited Collectors Edition £55.91

Call of Duty: Black Ops 
Release Date: 9/11/10
Treyarch are back making the latest COD game and this time it’s set during the Cold War as you fight in strictly Black Ops missions across Vietnam, snow capped peaks and more.
But whats Black Ops if you don’t have the kit, such as the Blackbird Stealth plane, attack helicopters, explosive crossbows and more.

Call of Duty: Black Ops £44.91

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 
Release Date: 19/11/10
Continue the story of Ezio in an all new singleplayer which takes you into the heart of Rome as you construct a new Assassins Guild and train your followers.
And for the first time play the game in full Multiplayer as you hunt each other down across the rooftops and streets.

Assassins Creed: Brotherood £38.91

Release Date: 30/11/10
The future is here in the form of Kinect. This handy sensor simply plugs into any Xbox 360 and scans you into the game!
No need for controllers of any type, simply move your hands, head, legs or any part of your body and Kinect registers it!
A whole new way to play games as you can throw balls, fight with swords, drive cars and even go white water rafting!
As Kinect is released so is a host of games to go with it!

Kinect (with bundled Kinect Adventures) £129.99
Kinectimals £34.99
Kinect Sports £34.91
Joyride £39.99
Dance Central £34.91

Well there you have it, lots of cool games and even cooler special/collectors editions to have but don’t forget there are plenty of other games coming out as well and we’ll be reviewing as many as humanly possible!

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