DLC = Downloadable Lara Croft

For those that don’t know, Tomb Raider and The Guardian of Light is hitting Xbox Live Arcade on August 18th for the sum of 1200MSP.

Now if you need a little bit of extra incentive to buy the game then you’ll be happy to know that developers Crystal Dynamics have announced a full-blown DLC plan for the game right up to the end of the year.

“DLC for us means Downloadable Lara Croft,” said Darrell Gallagher, General Manager of Crystal Dynamics. “It all begins in August with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light releasing on XBLA and runs through to the end of the year with the additional packs we will be offering. Oh and be prepared for a few surprises.”

In a slightly odd move, on the games PS3 and PC release day of September the 28th, an update will be made available for free to all Xbox 360 owners that puts full Live enabled Co-op into the game as well as Leaderboard support and voice-chat function.
The PS3 and PC versions will launch with the features, I guess thats the price we pay to get the game earlier than them.

From October to December the DLC campaign continues with 5 packs being released.
The first 3 packs are expansions packs that will add more puzzles, exploration and combat experiences into the game whilst the other 2 are playable character packs that will let you play through the game as some other well known game characters…..

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