Kinect may support sign language

It’s been discovered that Microsoft have just had a successful patent application filed that is associated with the upcoming Kinect.

Would you like to read it? if so I warn you now it makes little sense:

“Systems, methods and computer readable media are disclosed for gesture keyboarding. A user makes a gesture by either making a pose or moving in a pre-defined way that is captured by a depth camera. The depth information provided by the depth camera is parsed to determine at least that part of the user that is making the gesture. When parsed, the character or action signified by this gesture is identified.”

But in essence this  new patent is implying is that the depth camera (Kinect) will be able to read specific gestures made by the player allowing you to use traditional sign language to interact with a game or the Xbox.
It also details Kinects ability to read miniscule motor movements and the possibility of lip reading.

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