Indie Review: Fluid

RadianGames, creator of Fluid, have once again proved that a game need not have guns, layers of complex gameplay or the ability to blow up continents to be fun. Instead Fluid gives a simplistic idea with ever evolving levels and you get on with it.

Fluid is a collect-and-dodge game that plays out on a top-down 2d world. Your goal is to swim around in this odd liquid ( I didn’t want to ask) collecting objects that resemble orbs. Every time you collect one evil red orbs spawn and slowly chase you.
The idea is simple, collect the orbs in the shortest time possible, hit the red orbs and you die.

Levels are bite sized, lasting only 20 or 30 seconds at a time giving the game a great “one-more-go” feeling. As you progress layouts need more planning and other elements such as Boost Pads, Vortex’s and Teleporters coming into play almost giving Fluid a puzzle element as you quickly work out the best line to follow or when to use a Vortex.

Precise control is key here to shave off tenths of a second, often you’ll be fitting through narrow gaps and dodging the evil red orbs to get the best time and getting that elusive 5 stars on a level is addictive as well as tough. Thankfully the game has great reactions to your control inputs allowing you to happily glide around and fit through those narrow gaps.

The game uses a clean and simplistic art style which lends a nice feeling to the game backed up by some relaxing music. Overall the presentation is actually quite impressive and the obvious choice to go with a clean and simple style works incredibly well turning this into a pleasant looking game to play.The gentle colors combine to create a relaxing atmosphere.Hell, I even enjoyed making spiral patterns in the suspicious Fluid.

Thirty levels plus unlockable Extreme levels gives you a decent amount of play-time but this isn’t a huge game, but the addictive quality will keep many coming back for more. The difficulty ramps up in later levels forcing you to think about the obstacles and memorize the layout of the level. Failing these levels never feels unfair, instead you quietly admit that you just didn’t have the right line and restart the level.

The big selling point is that at 80 Microsoft Points this game is a steal, it’s great to simply put on if you have 15 minutes to spare or even an hour to kill. Some may find it overly simplistic and others may get annoyed at the later levels, but I find no reason why you shouldn’t at least download the trial for Fluid and try this superb game.

Score: 5/5

You can find Fluid on Marketplace or by clicking this link:

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