Mark the Mechanic – Indie Review

Mark the Mechanic harks back to the old days of simple platforming joy and for a measly 80 Microsoft Points this is a good way to pass a half hour.

Playing as a simple side-scrolling 2D adventure this is platforming at its simplest. Left, right and jump are all you need to guide your little stickman around the levels as you jump over pits and dodge obstacles.

Little more can be said about the game, the graphics are simplistic giving a retro feeling to the whole package as does the black box that pops up when you die. Chirpy music plays in the background and your stickman moves with a rather odd animation set.

For a first attempt into the world of Indie gaming this is a good start, it’s cheap, simple and enjoyable along with good enough level design.
The only complaint that could be levelled is the rather dull graphics, but still the retro feel will make a good few smile.

For a first foray into the Indie market this is a decent attempt and hopefully the start of a new name in the market. For now Mark the Mechanic is simple but fun.


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