RadianGames: Fireball – Indie Game Review

RadianGames is making quite the impact on Xbox Live Indie Games, their previous releases have gone down incredibly well with the public and Fluid going down well, scoring 5 our of 5 from me in the first ever Indie review this site had. Now they’ve released Fireball which has a similiar feeling to Fluid in terms of movement, but provides more explosions. Huzzah!

The premise behind Fireball is kept simple, you play as your little fireball and must dodge enemies while activating mines and Nova’s to kill off the enemies. Simples.
The controls are just as easy to grasp, the left stick controls your little ball of burning pain around the levels and A/RT/LT lets you boost around. The gameplay on offer here may be too simplistic for some, but it’s the tight focus  that makes Fireball feel so slick and smooth to play, it’s not diluted by needless additions nor pointless abilities, it just gives you a simple task and lets you get on with it. In many respects Fireball is quite strategic, often requiring a deft eye and quick reactions to plan a route that will eliminate as many enemies as possible with a single explosion without getting yourself killed in the process.

Fireball has had a graphical shift from Fluid as well, now it has closer to neon sheen and looks good for an Indie game. This isn’t going to stun you with it’s incredibly textures nor attention to detail, but that’s simply because it goes for the sleek and simple look much like the rest of the game. The color pallette here is relaxing and gentle to the eye making this a great game for a quick and quiet half an hour of play.

This isn’t a big game by any means, but the scoring system and jump-in style gameplay make for an addictive game and a great experience if you get a few friends fighting for the high-scores. Not to mention the leaderboards which are a first for the RadianGames series and add another competitive level to the game. Pftt, that’s the best you can do? I can beat that no problem.

And now we come to the single thing that truly makes RadianGames worth playing, the pricetag. At just 80 Microsoft Points this is a complete steal. It lacks a certain something that Fluid had, something that is almost impossible to put my finger on but don’t be disheartened, this is still a stunning addition to the Indie collection and an even better addition to your game collection. Simple, addictive and cheap.

And on the final note I have to commend those at RadianGames, this is their second game I’ve handed a five out of five to, but ultimately if Fireball had been more expensive like some others on Indie Games (around the 200 point mark) then it would have been a four out of 5, but for that price-tag for the gameplay on offer this is truly deserving of that five out of five score.


You can download Fireball using this link:

Or you can find it on the Indie Games channel via Xbox Live.

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