The Brotherhood takes over.

Normally I’m not one for talking about a game before the review, but in the case of Assassins Creed: Brotherood I’m compelled too. I’ve been playing this since Tuesday now, building my Guild, slaying fools in Multiplayer and assassinating people I just don’t like and I’m coming to the conclusion that this is the best Creed game yet.

For those worried about this being a cheap cash-in attempt, don’t be afraid because Brotherood is a big game and offers a a lot of singleplayer as well with around a 10-15 hour campaign and plenty of side-missions to take on plus a few other things as well.

So stay tuned, the review will be up by the weekend, depending on whether I can stand to walk away from the game long enough to write it. Even now I’m getting withdrawal symptoms…..

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