Bad Company 2: Vietnam and a new Map Pack!

So players of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are in for some treats this December with the new Map Pack hitting on the 1st of December and the Vietnam expansion coming on the 21st of December!

The Map Pack will come with four maps, two of which come from the original Bad Company. Those two maps are Oasis and Harvest Day along with two brand new maps to play on.
The pack will be free to all VIP members

The Vietnam expansion pack will hit on 21st of December and will cost a whopping 1200MSP. For that price you’ll get four brand new maps which you’ll play on as the Marines or the┬áNorth Vietnamese Army (NVA).
Along with that you’ll get more weapons to play with (flamethrower, anybody?) and new vehicles (Tank with a flamethrower, anybody?) as well as unlocks and Achievements.

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