Break Limit – Indie Review

The Indie games channel has been having a good run lately, and Break Limit continues the trend of fun gameplay for little price.

Break Limit costs a pretty small 80MSP, so what do you get?

At it’s core Break Limit is a fairly standard idea with a few original idea’s as well.
It takes the form of a top-down space shooter where the aim is to blow stuff up and score points by flying through pick-ups along the way. The main hook behind Break Limit is it’s…well….Break Limit meter.

You can charge this bad-boy up by passing through glowing balls and then simply pulling and holding the Left Trigger lets you accelerate to insane speeds and crash through everything in your path. At first this is a great escape tool, but you’ll soon be using it to get to those high-scores as well as it can be invaluable to grab the highest scoring pick-ups along the way. Careful management of this system will help you beat your friends and the world over the Leaderboards as well.
Along the way you’ll encounter asteroids, wierd enemy bug things, weapon upgrades and even a levelling up system which gives you bonuses to your ship.

The graphics and music on offer here are good, though nothing spectacular. The ship has a slight cartoon edge to its looks and the levels look interesting enough, but the art style is not particuiarly unique, but they certainly do the trick.
The music is more enjoyable with some nice tunes to listen to along the way.Don’t expect any voice acting here though, any conversations are entirely text based.

The game even injects so humour into proceedings as it explains it’s rather barmy but interesting back story about uniting Empires by conducting the death sports you’ll be playing in. It’s far from stunning stuff but it’ll bring a smile to your face.

For your 80MSP you’ll get two star systems to play through, with a third greyed out on the menu which is promised to be released within the next two months. These levels won’t last you that long, but competitive people will get a nice thrill out of competing on the leaderboards. This game won’t last you long, but considering the price you’ll get at least a few hours playtime.

Playing through Break Limit I quite enjoyed myself. The gameplay here isn’t the most original, but it’s well enough done that it feels fresh and enjoyable to play with a few good idea’s tossed in for good measure.

Is it worth 80MSP? Indeed it is.


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