AC: Brotherhood – Free DLC is coming. Again.

Ubisoft released the first piece of free DLC for it’s amazing Brotherhood onto the Marketplace today. Simply titled the Animus Project Update 1.0 it added in a new mode and map. The best bit? it’s free.

Well Ubi have now announced a second Animus Project Update (2.0) which will be coming in January for the low price of FREE!.

It will add in a brand new mode and another free map to keep you guys happy. Here’s the blurb from the press release:

“The Pienza Map provides the perfect free-running playground where predators and targets can blend and disappear. In the new Chest Capture Multiplayer Mode two teams comprised of three players each partner with fellow Templars to either defend or capture Chests. Also included is the new Templar Score feature to reward diligent work by Abstergo recruits.”

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