Dreamcast Collection – Confirmed

The Dreamcast has a pretty hardcore following, people still buy the console and games from Ebay on a daily basis so it’s with pleasure that I confirm the existance of a Dreamcast Collection coming to consoles.

In an interview with GameInformer magazine, Alan Pritchard, vice president of sales and marketing for Sega, admitted that a they had a Dreamcast Collection coming out:

“The Dreamcast fans are very devoted. You see on eBay people are still buying the games and system. We actually have a Dreamcast collection coming out soon. We are looking to bring some of the old Dreamcast games to market digitally and packaged. The Ultimate Genesis Collection did huge numbers on PS3 and 360, so it’s an important part of our business.”

Sadly no titles were confirmed and a release date is missing, bar a rather vague “soon”.

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