Christmas Give-Away Competitions!!!

Christmas is almost upon on and it’s a time to be merry, eat far too much chocolate and get loads of free swag. Oh, and give presents to other people, but that’s just more inconvient than anything else. It’s the free stuff that counts!

So I’ve teamed up with my friends from the biggest and best companies out there: Epic, Codemasters, Ubisoft, Zen Studio’s, EA, Activision and Penguin Books to bring you guys a load of prizes you can win.

In total there will be 8 main winners.

Each of the competitions have a “pack/s” to be won, and these packs come with games and assorted goodies such as Call of Duty: Black Op’s Goodie Bags, Gears of War comics and posters and more.

Oh, and for those of you that own a PS3, we have some goodies for you as well.

To enter and get your chance to win, simply sign up on the Forums by clicking THIS LINK or by clicking. the Forums button to your right and then navigate to the Competitions section. There you will find the different competitions, what you can win, how you can win them and where to post your entries.

You can also send entries to badenronie@wolfsgamingblog.com
Please ensure that you sign-up with the correct Email address as all winners will be contacted via Email.

The prize “packs” are:

The Racers Pack:
Contains the two best racing games of 2010 – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and F1 2010. The pack also contains assorted goodies.

Shaun White Skateboarding Pack:
For the PS3 owners we have two Shaun White Packs to give away – each contains a copy of the game, a Shaun White I-phone Cover and a  Tech Deck

The Sports Pack:
Contains one copy of Fifa 11 and a copy of International Cricket 2010 along with assorted goodies.

Gears of War Packs:
There are two Gears of War Packs to give away, each will contain a copy of Gears of War 2 along with either a Pinball Fx2 Holiday Pack (Download codes for the Core, Classic and Marvel expansion packs. Please remember that the basic game is free to download) or a Call of Duty: Black Op’s Goodie bag. It also includes Gears of War poster/s and a T-shirt.

Family Pack:
Contains a copy Family Game Night 3 and Monopoly Streets along with other assorted goodies.

The Create Pack:
Contains a copy of Create, a Pinball FX2 Holiday Pack and a Call of Duty: Black Op’s Goodie bag along with other assorted goodies.
Entrants must live in the UK, and must be 18+ if entering the Gears of War competition. By entering these competitions you agree that you are of the correct age to play such games.

The competitions entries will be closed on December the 26th at 5pm. Winners will be contacted shortly afterwards – please allow up to a week for this. Winners will be announced on both the Forums and www.wolfsgamingblog.com and contacted via email.

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