Keyboard and Mouse Converter for Xbox 360

Over the lifespan of the 360 most of us have become used to using the controller for FPS games, and even for RTS games, but for many a mouse and keyboard from the PC days are still the control method of choice, especially with RTS games.

Penguin United have announced that they will be bringing their EAGLE-EYE CONVERTER, which was originally launched for PS3, to our beloved console.
This handy piece of tech allows you to convert almost any USB HID mouse and keyboard into a controller for your Xbox 360.

Bonus functions include a customisable button mapping system so you can get your layout just right along with Turbo button features. It also allows mapping of Macros which let you carry out several actions by hitting one button.

Of course this does open up questions to the turbo and macro functions. Turbo controllers have long been frowned upon in games due to the advantage it gives players, and macro buttons could annoy some gamers even more as it has the potential to cut reaction times considerably.

Of course, in RTS games this new converter will be an answer to many prayers, myself included.

“The original Eagle-Eye was such a great success with PS3 fans that we wanted to create a new version for the Xbox community,” stated Penguin President, Richard Huang. “The Advanced Calibration Function takes the Eagle Eye to a new level of control and sensitivity. Version 2.0 provides the same outstanding ability to bypass the controller by transferring the button features directly to the computer keyboard and mouse, but now the speed, smoothness and accuracy is even more impressive.”

Product Highlights:
·          Converts most standard USB HID Keyboard and Mouse into a Xbox Controller
·         Advanced Calibration Function improves speed, smoothness and synchronization
·         1 to 1 translation from the Xbox360 right analog stick to the mouse movement for an ultra accurate aim in FPS.
·         Maps out all Xbox360 buttons and left analog stick via included software to customize your control.  Right analog stick defaults to mouse movement.
·         Compatible with all Xbox360 games.
·         USB 2.0 Keyboard and Mouse inputs.
·         13 ft. USB cable connects to Xbox. 
·         Turbo option for Y, B, A, RB, RT, LB, LT buttons
·         Programmable Macro Functions to turn any single key into a combination of moves. 
·         Compatible with all Xbox console versions, future proof with firmware updates.
·         Quick, easy set up in less than 1 minute with included software
·         Requires wired Xbox controller
·         SRP: $59.99

The converter is due to be demoed at CES in Las Vegas, 6-9th of January.

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