Toy Stunt Bike – Indie Review

Comparisons to Trials HD in this review are going to be often, and for good reason as Toy Stunt Bike feels much like the massive XBLA hit, albiet without the cool announcer.

The game basics are simple enough, you navigate your little bike along a series of increasingly tricky obstacles trying to get the best time possible. It’s a formula that has proven to be most addictive, and that remains true in Toy Stunt Bike.

Physics are key to any such game, without a good physics engine powering the riders movements and the bikes behavior such games would crumble. Happily Toy Stunt Bikes engine is pretty solid: the bike behaves as expected though occasionally you do seem to float through the air.
The actual rider is also your Xbox Live Avatar which is a neat bonus, sadly he doesn’t really shift his wieght around around the bike, but watching your Avatar go face first into the ground is an oddly satisfying experience. Take that you smug git.

The obstacles themselves are a bit less impressive that the rest of the game. Since your bike is just a little toy bike the obstacles themselves are household items, just on a big-ass scale so you’ll find yourself driving up spades, jumping over kids toys and more. But the actual level design and use of the obstacles feels pretty dull. I was never surprised at an obstacle lay-out nor did I have any “Oh wow, I have to get over that?” moments. They flow of the levels also feels rather jerky in places.
Fans of Trials HD will be dissapointed to find that no obstacles are interactive, instead they’re simply static.

There is a solid bit of content here though, and passing each level is actually fairly tough thanks to having to collect flags, get a good time and a good score to advance to the next level. Leaderboards are also included to keep you coming back so get some friends together and get competiting.

Graphically and musically the game is actually fairly impressive. The look of the game is solid and sharp with the levels looking quite good, if a little empty feeling. Along with that the musical selection is pretty enjoyable and can be skipped through at will.

The selling points here are pretty simlple:  it coses a lowly 80 Microsoft Points to download and it has the use of Avatars. It’s essentially a poor mans Trials HD, which is no insult but is still true.
Overall Toy Stunt Bike is an enjoyable game, and a good way to wile away an afternoon. For the price you get a decent enough chunk of content as well.
It’s not Trials HD, and it can’t compete with it, but this is still fun.


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