The Top 15 Games of 2010.

Here we go, it’s the top 15 Games of 2010 as listed by me.
Now, these are my personal favorite games of 2010, and as such they don’t go by the review scores I gave them, instead they simply go by how much fun I had playing them.

Games I did not play will not be included, so if “X” game isn’t there it just means I didn’t play it, so don’t panic.

And remember, this is my list. If you disagree with the choices then leave a comment with your list!  😀

15th Place: Singularity

 The multiplayer in Singularity may not have been that great, but I enjoyed myself immensely when it came to the single-player aspect of the game.
It does lift many idea’s from other games (Bioshock, anyone?) but this FPS had a great setting, fun storyline and smooth combat.
The TMD which gives jedi-like powers made the game great fun to play as well which is why I heartily recommend this to any FPS fan.

14th Place: Skate 3


I’ve been a big fan of the Skate series since it began, it tore me away from the falling Tony Hawks series and showed my how it could really be done.
Skate 3 doesn’t really change the formula much, but I’ve still spent large amounts of time cruising the city with friends or building my own dreams skate-parks.
The tricks on offer here are a selection of the finest, and the concept of building your own Skate company is brilliant.

13th Place: F1 2010


I’ve been watching Formula One for many a year, and playing F1 2010 feels as close to the real deal as I can get without having to spend insane amounts of money.
The graphics are stunning, using the same engine that powers DiRT 2, and the actual racing is superb fun. Truly one of the best games of 2010, and the best F1 game to date.

12th Place: Mafia II

Ahhh, marching down a street firing off rounds from a Tommy Gun is a classic scene from any good mob film, and Mafia II lets you actually do it! well….virutually anyway.
The main draw here for me was the well told storyline and great characters that feel real, something many games never manage to do.
The free-roaming world is a little lacking without DLC, but the missions themselves are well paced.
I thoroughly enjoyed my 20 or so hours of gameplay.

11th Place: Fable III

Returning to Albion is like a home-coming, the first game drew may into the world of Albion with its unique charm and quirky nature.
Now it’s three games later and I still love the world, and it’s that weird and wonderful characters that inhabit it that keep me smiling.
The game felt stripped-down compared to its previous outings, but the storyline and the interesting idea of becoming King or Queen make sure this game felt great to play from start to finish. Well worth picking up.

10th Place: R.U.S.E

I’ve long been a fan of RTS games, but consoles have never really managed to translate the mouse and keyboard based controls well to a controller.
Happily R.U.S.E changes that with controls that work amazingly well with only a few flaws.
The concept of deception is what powers this game, allowing you to use false attacks, hide your base and spy on the enemy making for some intense and strategic multiplayer battles.
It doesn’t quite have the range of units that bigger RTS games have, but the gameplay is still varied and offers great depth as well as being accessible for new players, and that’s why it’s in my top ten games of 2010.

9th Place: Halo: Reach

I’ve never made it a secret that I haven’t really enjoyed the modern iterations of the Halo series, even though Halo: Combat Evolved is a personal favorite game I’ve always felt that Halo 3 felt a bit stale compared to its competition, and that ODST was very disappointing. Reach managed to drag me back into the Halo world though with a solid, if a little underwhelming, singleplayer element.
However, as you may have guessed, it was the multiplayer that ate up my time offering superb customisation of armor and great, fun gameplay.
The reason Reach makes it into 9th is simply because of the mad moments that can happen on the battlefield, and because you can capture all of those great moments on film and share them with friends.

8th Place: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

No other game in 2010 has impressed me so much in terms of characters and acting as Enslaved.
Its two lead characters, Monkey and Trip, have utterly charmed me this year and the acting talent behind both is of the highest quality.
It also boasts the most impressive facial animation I’ve seen yet, with subtle movements in the characters conveying more emotions that their voices ever could. Absolutely stunning.
On the gameplay front this is an enjoyable adventure game filled with cool moments and standout sequences.
But what makes it worth its 8th spot is simply the journey, the world, and the people.

7th Place: Call of Duty: Black Ops

You knew it was going to make an appearance somewhere. No doubt I’ll get savaged by a legion of fans who demand to know why it’s not first. Well, it just isn’t. Simples.
I have been a little nervous about Black Op’s over the past year as I’ve been wondering “Do I really want to play another COD game?” but on its actual release my answer was a resounding yes.
The singleplayer here is a great addition to the series and makes a far more sensible story than Modern Warfare 2 ever did.
But it’s the multiplayer and the increased customisation that really draws me in and keeps me playing.
Few other games make me whoop with joy and curse in anger as much as Black Op’s multiplayer does.

6th Place: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed returns to its roots of which I have many fond memories and creates the best NFS game yet along the way.
At first I wasn’t sold on the handling that couldn’t seem to decided whether it was realistic or arcade, but now you simply can’t get me away from this game with a freaking crowbar and the promise of a night with a hundred beautiful women…erm, ok, so maybe you could.
Offline, and especially online, are packed with adrenaline filled races and great cop chases, as well as spike strips and low flying helicopters!
It’s also a hell of a game to look at, offering great views and beautiful cars to gawk at before slamming into a wall at 220mph and witnessing some truly epic crashes.
But I have to ask, what kind of Police Force blows their entire budget on Buggati’s and then happily destroys them to stop  a race?

5th Place: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Like a good few others games on this list Bad Company 2 had an enjoyable singleplayer, but it was ultimately the multiplayer which kept me utterly addicted.
The hours I’ve racked up playing Bad Company 2 online are getting into stupid amounts, but the massive, open battlefields and brilliant teamwork orientated gameplay just keep me coming back every time, and the recent Vietnam expansion has made that even more true.
It honestly is tricky to describe why I love the game so much, so I will simply say buy the game and find out for yourself why it’s my favorite multiplayer game of 2010.

4th Place: Bioshock 2

Bioshock 2 simply blew me away with its return to Rapture, the world was as stunning and eerily beautiful as it was in the first game and the premise of being a Big Daddy in Bioshock 2 proved to be a great decision with the Little Sisters suddenly becoming something to feel attached to as opposed to something to be used as currency only.
The gameplay itself was also great fun, with dual wielding making the biggest change for me in the gameplay.
The multiplayer in Bioshock 2 wasn’t exceptional, but enjoyable.
Get Bioshock 2 for the gameplay, and then fall in love with the world of Rapture.

3rd Place: Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

I was worried that Brotherhood simply wouldn’t have enough developement time since it had only been a year since Assassins Creed 2, but that fear was put to rest when Brotherhood proved that it was more than just a glorified expansion pack.
It doesn’t make huge leaps like AC to AC2 made, but the multitude of improvements on offer include refined gameplay, brilliant mission designs and a whole new singleplayer which lasts for around 20+ hours, and that’s not including a superbly fun multiplayer element that is a very tense game of cat and mouse.
A game that simply should be played.

2nd Place: Mass Effect 2

A truly stunning game. Mass Effect 2 is more action and combat based than it’s predecessor, but the new combat system have made Mass Effect 2 a better game.
It is a shame that it’s RPG elements have been stripped down considerably, but the story, characters and universe on offer here make Mass Effect 2 something special that has to be experienced to be believed.
The universe that Bioware have created stands as one of the greatest made, and will go down in history for its attention to detail and imaginative characters.
If you haven’t played this, what the hell is wrong with you!?

1st Place: Red Dead Redemption

Choosing between this and Mass Effect 2 for my game of 2010 has been a tough choice, but ultimately Rockstars epic takes the position for a multitude of reasons.
In John Marston have Rockstar created one of the most memorable protagonists to ever grace a game, a combination of caring, brutal, charming and rough-around-the-edges have created a truly believable character.
The Wild West setting itself is just as much of a character, with huge vista’s to roam on horseback and towns to pick fights in.
I spent many happy hours in the world of Red Dead Redemption, and believe it to have one of the finest crafted stories there is in a game, with an ending that leaves you speechless and a second ending that leaves you breathless.
Epic, in every sense of the word.

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