Super Meat Boy Update Adds An Extra 60 Levels

Do you enjoy torturing your fingers, raping your mind and ruthlessly crushing your own soul? If the answer to those questions where all affirmative then you’ve probably played Super Meat Boy, the notoriously difficult game from Team Meat, and loved every moment of it. And now you can torture yourself even more with new, and free, levels, courtesy of Team Meat!

In the past Team Meat have been extremely generous to fans of their game, offering an absolute bucketload of free levels to gamers back in November for the fantastic price of nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nadda.

Well now they’re proving that their generosity was not just a one-off as they’ve announced that the brand new update for Super Meat Boy, which went live today on both Xbox 360 and PC, contains a whopping sixty new levels to play across the Starlight, Paradise Lost, and Minneapolis worlds, all for that same fantastic price of NOTHING!

No other details on the update were provided, so presumably it doesn’t make any gameplay tweaks or implant any sort of self-destruct mechanism.

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    • usually its the other way around. any levels coming to 360 are probably levels made in super meat world that were really good so they decided to bring them over. so they should already be playable on PC. Plus you’ve got Super Meat World, of which always has new levels for you to play on.

  1. Can’t wait to try out the new levels! I love this game on XBL arcade 😀
    By the way stop by my site if you get a chance I also have a cool gaming blog worth checking out if you got a sec! Cya and leave me a comment xD

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